What Happens When A Narcissist Loses In Court?

What Happens When A Narcissist Loses In Court? When it comes to dealing with a narcissist, it is already a difficult task. What makes it even more difficult is dealing with them in court. If you have ever faced a narcissist in court as a plaintiff or as a defendant, then you might know that fighting against them is like a battle of wits.

You might encounter a narcissist in court for many possible reasons like for a divorce, for child custody, for harassment, and many more such reasons. Narcissists do not like it when they lose. They would do anything to win, thus their efforts at winning would double up proportionately. But there are times when the narcissist loses. So for that matter what happens when a narcissist loses? What happens when a narcissist loses in court?

There are a few possibilities when a narcissist loses in court. They would never accept the final verdict issued by the court and would keep crossing your boundaries by constantly interrupting your life, or they might seek revenge outside of court personally with you, or they would just start a new life where they would totally discard you and consider you long gone from their life.

After knowing the gist of the topic, let us dig up the details about the same.

Knowing the Narcissist – The destroyer of self-esteem

Narcissists are the reason why their partner’s self-esteem reaches rock bottom. They would make sure that their partners become totally numb and just can be controlled like a puppet. They would isolate and brainwash their partners just to make them doubt their own selves. Narcissists would eventually end up crumbling their partner’s self-image through various manipulative tactics and the main part is their partners would just be played at this point as they would totally be unaware as to what is going on.

Narcissists would always be pitted in court as they would totally present themselves as the victim. In reality, narcissists are wrongdoers who destroy their partner’s self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence. It so happens that the narcissist would present themselves as this confident, never lying, calm, and composed being who seems more reliable and sound-minded. Whereas their partner would appear scarred, uneasy, frustrated, less confident, untrustworthy, and unreliable as compared to the narcissist.

Narcissists would wear this fake mask of being someone else that they are not in reality. They would try their best to appear innocent, calm, mature, and understanding. Whereas the reality totally different and their partners are aware of that. Knowing the true nature of the narcissist, their partners might be somewhat petrified as the narcissist is unpredictable and might stoop to the lowest when it comes to winning.

So the victim here, their partners would be willing to give up every bit of fight that is left within to win against the narcissist. Narcissists are so capable that they can easily wipe off the last hope that you might have which can also end up in you not seeing your own worth and fit as someone who might be able to bear the responsibility of your child. So when you are underconfident, terrified, and hopeless, there is more chance that you might make mistakes.

Narcissists are just waiting for that chance that as soon as you make an error and bam! the case would easily shift in their favor without making many efforts. So the most important thing to note here is that do not give up just because you have to face the narcissist. Just gather all the courage and strength and put your best foot forward. Just remember here, that it is you who has been wronged and there is no need to be petrified. Just take a deep breath regain your confidence and give in your hundred percent.

When you are dealing with a narcissist, be ready for the worst-case scenarios. Narcissists usually target your insecurities, and weaknesses and also comment on the grey areas of the relationship in court. They do this intentionally to make you lose your calm and control and react impulsively. Narcissists are sly and cunning and thus they can find there to manipulate and exploit people’s insecurities and twist the truth thus making the situation look like it lacks reality.

Besides this, narcissists have this godly image that they present to the people whom they meet for the first. People can be easily swayed by their charm, charisma, and the way they make the lies sound like truths. So if you wish to win the child custody battle against a narcissist, then work harder on providing pieces of evidence and tangible proof, because winning against a narcissist through a verbal argument is impossible. Thus plan out well and collect as much evidence as possible.

What Happens When A Narcissist Loses In Court?

The most important point to remember here is you are dealing with a narcissist, who might have some twisted ways when it comes to winning. So being well prepared is a must here. This also might not be or seem like a typical legal battle for custody, as the opponent here is cunning and shrewd. You might already be overwhelmed with the difficult situation at this point, but remember that you are dealing with a narcissist who likes to seek vengeance and, who is manipulative and spiteful.

Narcissists always have to have control over everything due to their inflated egos. They lack an understanding of other people’s emotions due to their lack of empathy. So any familial problem that needs legal assistance might make them feel threatened, forcing them to push your limits, and also making the process harder than it already is. But do not get worried here, remember that you are free from them and that you no longer need to give in your control and power.

So now let us know the consequences of narcissists losing in court against you,

They will seek revenge outside of the Court

When a narcissist is unable to win the legal fight they might seek revenge outside the court in several ways like,

Narcissists would try to seek revenge by making things difficult for you in your personal life. They might smear your reputation or hoover endlessly to get back at you. They would try to provoke you in any possible manner. But the most important point here is not to respond to their provocations. Eventually, when you do not respond they feel ignored, and would stop bothering you. Also, they would move on to their next target to obtain their narcissistic supply.

The second way that a narcissist might seek revenge is through children. They would use your children to provoke you.

They might also use their fakeness to seek revenge. They might be kind to your face, in public, but when you are alone they might just degrade and belittle you, as their kindness is all just fake. Do not let your guard down here. Being with a narcissist might make you realize that they can cause damage unknowingly. Thus create boundaries and do not let your guard down.

How to deal with the revenge situation?

Knowing and maintaining your own boundaries is an important step to stopping being a part of the Narcissist’s Cycle of Abuse in the form of seeking revenge. This means being clear about what you will and will not tolerate from the narcissist. Take your power back by setting boundaries.

A narcissist might not actually lose anything even though they lost the case

A narcissist would be free from all responsibilities if they lost in the court. If the case is about child custody, then they would ask for joint custody, and if the case is about divorce they would be more than happy to let you go and find someone else to seek their narcissistic supply from.

Narcissists do not like accepting responsibilities. They would be more than happy to let you go and be free from the responsibility of the children. Though they would pretend that they are furious as they lost the case, deep down they would be enjoying their freedom.

Narcissists would just get away with their current life, and hustle harder to build a more successful and a better life

The only way a narcissist can thrive successfully is by obtaining their narcissistic supply. Clearly, they are not going to get anything from you now after losing the case, so they would rather choose to just forget the life they built with you and hustle harder to build a better and more successful one with their new partner.

They might also do this to seek revenge on you by flaunting someone who they may think suits them better and trying to make you jealous. Narcissists are people who follow a certain pattern of dating or have an autopilot dating cycle. They are creatures of habit, so if the first attempt at a relationship does not work out with someone, they might repeat the same dating cycle with the next person too.

They might appeal the case

An appeal is a court’s trial application abided by law. While making an appeal, the lawyers would not present any witnesses or any other piece of pieces of evidence. In an appeal, there is no jury. The court just proceeded on facts that were presented during the trial court unless some factual data was not presented.

Narcissists would avoid spending money if they did not have enough money. Thus they would rather choose to appeal that might not cost. Narcissists are not good at managing their finances well.

They would make co-parenting difficult for you

When one of the parents is a narcissist, then this process of co-parenting becomes even more difficult and challenging as they struggle to understand the needs of their partner and children. Also, they can be manipulative as manipulation is among their top most toxic tactic. They would do anything to win and gain control and the upper hand in the situation if they really wished to do so. Also co-parenting can be very tough to deal with when your co-partner is a narcissist.

Thus when a narcissist loses the court case, they would try to make things harder for you. They might try to create unwanted problems while co-parenting or might even ask for money from you. You never know what a narcissist might be up to. So be careful while co-parenting with a narcissist.

Final Thoughts

When a narcissist loses the case, they may seek revenge on you or might just ignore you entirely. There can be a few possibilities here, so do not mind them and just focus on your well-being. Narcissists can be ruthless especially when it comes to winning against them.

It becomes natural that when you are fighting against the narcissist lawfully, you feel overwhelmed, scared, and a little underconfident as narcissists are experts at making you feel inferior and unassured.

But this is not the time to feel underwhelmed, shake off your insecurities and doubts, and focus on winning the court battle against the narcissist. Begin by taking a deep breath, build up your confidence, and be prepared. This custody battle or divorce can be won effortlessly just by preparing well for it. Be self-aware, be cautious, and be ahead of the plaintiff, stay headstrong on winning as a defendant, brainstorm, and research. The most important step here is seeking help from a professional lawyer who would guide you efficiently to win the child custody case against the narcissist.

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