God Complex Vs Narcissism: Are Both Of These The Same?

God Complex Vs Narcissism – Let us know the similarities, differences, and everything in between these two words. Their interrelation, interconnection, and contextual pretext between these words.

Have you ever encountered someone who would make you feel like they are someone special; or godly? They would make it seem like they are the god walking among humans. Such people tend to possess something called the “God Complex”, with reference to local lingo often used by people for such people. This term though not often transcribed clinically, or psychologically, yet is a commonly used term to describe someone like this.

Narcissism, you would be very well aware of if you have reached out to this article. But to be more acknowledged, here below is a piece of detailed information about narcissism, and whether it is similar to having the god complex

To know further about these terms, let us get clear with the meanings of these words first. Are these words similar? Do these words hold equal importance and how do narcissists relate to them? Let us get reading further.

What is God Complex?

God Complex is credencing one’s own abilities, entitlements, and unfailing. This term refers to having an unreasonably high value of self, considering one’s own self to be paramount or supreme in relationships, and acting all saintly and with supremacy in dealing with matters. When someone has a gd complex, they behave or believe that their character is always the main character in every story, and everyone else is just a side character or sidekick. They feel everything revolves and depend upon them, and without them, things might start falling apart.

People with a god complex often give themselves airs about their privileges, glory, and achievements in life. They often have a repulsion for being wrong or bearing mistakes. They repudiate everything that might lower their worth and bring down their reputation and self-pride. Such people speak highly of themselves, consider their opinions to be autocratic, and always demand everything to be a special case around them. They always believe to be of the utmost importance around people and exert people to believe everything they have to say and about their views.

The term god complex is not a psychologically proven term, nor it is transcribed clinically, or by mental health experts, yet it is commonly used for someone with boosted ego, inflated self-worth, and a belief of being someone who is the complete opposite of deific.

What does it mean to have a God Complex?

God complexes can affect people’s perception of themselves, acknowledge other people’s presence in their life, and realize other people’s worth and the way other people are treated. Acknowledging a god complex can be very difficult, but there are many ways to deal with or manage it. Things to know for acknowledging a god complex or signs to look for a god complex,

  • A person with a god complex finds it difficult to cooperate and collaborate with others.
  • Such a person has an utmost sense of entitlement and can be filled with arrogance.
  • Have a very declining or negligent amount of emotions like empathy, understandability, accountability, and guilt.
  • Watch out and stay away from those people who possess these qualities like gaslighting, bullying, isolating, and running away from taking responsibility, as these people can have a god complex.
  • Also, take unsuccessful relations as your sign and keep your distance.
  • The feeling of grandiosity is the biggest and the most noticeable sign of a person with a god complex. The feeling of grandiosity can make you feel that you are special and more important than others. It gives you a superiority complex that would make you behave like you are someone with utmost importance and other people are merely negligible in your presence.
  • Such people always expect everyone to follow their lead no matter whatever the situation or the task may be.
  • People with a god complex lash out at people who contradict their judgment and their thoughts.
  • Such people have fragile egos and short temperedness.
  • People with a god complex lack compassion and have the least concern for what others feel and just find it difficult to notice what other people are going through because of them.
  • Such people have an intense need, desire and urge to be praised.
  • They hesitate to praise others and feel betrayed when others do not praise them.
  • People with a god complex lack boundaries.

What is Narcissism? – What is NPD(Narcissistic Personality Disorder)?

To understand NPD(Narcissistic Personality Disorder) or Narcisisim in simple form or pedestrian language, let us put it in simple words. NPD(Narcissistic Personality Disorder) is nothing but portraying these common toxic traits in an intensified state than others. And that is how these common toxic traits that are possessed by all but simply are intensified for a person with narcissistic personality disorder make them a little from others.

Every human possesses these traits of ego, admiration, inquisitiveness, complexity of relationships, self-worth, self-praise, control over situations in life as much as possible, expecting attention from others, some troubles in relationships, rudeness, selfishness, lack of self-reflection, and all such traits that make us human. It is just that people who possess these in more amounts due to certain situations in life, parental pressure, and many more reasons are declared as narcissists and in psychological terms, such people suffer from NPD(Narcissistic Personality Disorder). They portray these emotions or in this case negative traits in a greater magnitude than others.

A mental illness can cause many personality and behavioral changes in a person. So if you come across some strange behavioral pattern of a person, it is either they have some mental health issue, or they are going through some traumatic life situation. If it is the first aspect, then consulting a mental health expert would be advisory.

If a person is diagnosed with NPD(Narcissistic Personality Disorder), then that may be responsible for many behavioral and personality changes for a narcissistic person. So coming across strange behaviors of a narcissistic person would not come to you as a surprise. When you live with a narcissist, you have to be ready to expect the unexpected sometimes. Not every day do you have to be ready for strangeness but there are a few times when a narcissist would act against normalcy, which might shock you or put you into delusion.

What is a Narcissist?

A Narcissist is an individual who is often defined as a difficult individual, very difficult to live with, and tough to endure. A Narcissist is an individual who is excessively obsessed to have control, also they expect everyone around them to focus just on them.

They intend to be the center of attraction in all situations. They should be the elephant in the room all the time, are control freaks, are sly, mean, selfish, and much more. Most importantly Narcissists lack empathy on many occasions until it affects them. Narcissists do know empathy, but they never tend to caring, understanding, and easygoing for others as they think vulnerability and being soft to others are negative traits that can be used against them.

A narcissist is capable of feeling all emotions, it is just that they d not acknowledge them and express them due to their vulnerabilities. They fear expressing emotions can make them emotionally weak and vulnerable to their partner. They fear that once they surrender to their feelings they might lose control. Narcissists are incapable of understanding and exchanging feelings with others. They are self-obsessed and self-absorbed. They can not think from anyone else’s viewpoint.

There are some weird traits too when you associate with a narcissist. This should not come to you as a shock as being with a narcissist would bring lots of surprises, shocks, and regrets to you. So let us move further and know about some of the other strange and surprising things that a narcissist can, may, or would do. They come with many questionable demands, weird and strange behavior, and some acts that may be a little difficult for you to forget.

  • You are always the wrongdoer and not them in their eyes
  • Narcissists lack sensitivity and empathy.
  • They are selfish and inconsiderate
  • They always see the negatives first
  • They are almost incapable of praising others or giving enough credit to others
  • They act over dramatically over trivial matters
  • There is no winning against them in an argument
  • They are highly competitive even with someone who is incomparable
  • They cheat innumerable
  • Have unhealthy relationships.
  • Have regular mood swings.
  • Have uncommon expectations and unusual fantasies
  • They use bygone grudges as their trump card
  • They use manipulation in all situations where they feel they are losing the grip
  • They never provide straight answers

Some common personality traits that overlap between a narcissist and someone with a god complex

Lack of Empathy

Excessive sense of entitlement


Seeking Admiration and Validation


Lack of responsibility

Unsuccessful relationships

Unemotional behavior

Inflated self

God Complex Vs Narcissism: Are both of these the same?


This article does not intend to blame, claim or point fingers at any kind of personality, these conclusions are assumption based and those assumptions are drawn by including the psychology expert’s conclusions and suggestions. There are also no such claims that prove that people who belong to these personality types are meant to be or are rigidly narcissists or have a god complex. These undertakings are not supposed to be explicit.

By comparing the qualities of someone with a god complex and of a narcissist, you might not be shocked to know that both are not very different from each other, yet have noticeable differences. In fact, the similarity is striking yet are not the same as each other at the same time.

The major difference here between a god complex and narcissism is that a god complex is not a diagnosable condition while NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) is a mental health condition that is diagnosable.

According to an article, published by one of the leading websites for mind and body health; mindbodygreen, Narcissism is mentioned in the DSM-5; Diagnostic and Statical Manual of Mental Health Disorders, as a diagnosable condition and acknowledged by many mental health researchers, psychologists, and mental health experts, while the god complex has neither got any of such mentions nor it is acknowledged as precisely as narcissism.

There are many conjoining traits that have particular similarities between a person with a god complex and a person diagnosed with narcissism, especially grandiose or overt narcissism.

Overt Narcissism – Grandiose or Overt Narcissism is the most common type observed among narcissists. This type of narcissistic personality displays an unconcealed act of aggression openly and struggles to hide their aggression socially.

People diagnosed with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) can exhibit and do tend to exhibit many signs of a god complex, but it is not necessary that a person with a god complex certainly has and is prone to Narcissism.

The important aspect here is to look out for such traits in people to deal in a better manner with them, but also it is important not to force anyone for a diagnosis against their will or not to tag people as a narcissist or a person with god complexes just because they exhibit few of the above-mentioned traits, as everyone does possess some narcissistic traits in them and not everybody you come across is a narcissist, t is the circumstances that they have behaved in a particular manner at a particular time.


God Complex Vs Narcissism – By comparing the qualities of someone with a god complex and of a narcissist, you might not be shocked to know that both are not very different from each other, yet have noticeable differences. In fact, the similarity is striking yet are not the same as each other at the same time.

In conclusion, being a narcissistic person or suffering from NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), is not your hands; nor having a god complex is, because due to varied circumstances and reasons a person might have developed such an intimidating personality. So it is never a good idea to point fingers at others just based on assumptions.

Yes also not being cruel, evil or a sadist is in your hands. Do not let your negative traits and toxicity overpower or overrule your good side as nobody is completely good or bad, everyone is composed of both good and evil. Also, you can control all the personality traits that you have or have developed due to certain reasons, circumstances, or people. Just see to it that these personality traits do not take over your true, good, and likable personality and you do not become someone who is not likable.

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