12 Surprisingly Weird Things Narcissists Do (Strange Behaviors!)

Let us know some Surprisingly Weird Things Narcissists Do! Narcissists do not conk out to surprise you many times. So discussing those surprising traits would be aiding. Narcissists can be some of the most unpredictable beings, so o not be surprised when they go out of their way to do something or prove some point.

If you are dating a narcissist, or have a narcissistic family member then be ready o be surprised by some of their unusual, surprising, or strange behavior patterns. This outlandish behavior may be the cause of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

What is an NPD(Narcissistic Personality Disorder)?

To understand NPD(Narcissistic Personality Disorder) in simple forms, let us put it in simple words. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is nothing but portraying toxic traits in an intensified state than others. The traits may be a magnified ego, an extensive need for admiration and praise, and an urge to be superior to others or at least consider oneself to be superior to others. These traits are present in any common person, but for a narcissist, these traits are present in an outrageous amount, and they are intensified when something substandard takes place.

A Narcissist is an individual who is excessively obsessed with controlling all situations in their life, control over all individuals and their behavior, and expecting everyone to be as they like. They intend to be the center of attraction in all situations. A Narcissist person craves attention all the time, lacks care and empathy, can be rude and blunt, ignores other people’s feelings, and has troubled relationships.

Narcissists always want their ways to work out and project certain behavior onto others. That projection often includes their thoughts and thinking patterns. Also do not be surprised when a narcissistic act a little strange, as it may be normal behavior for them but not you.

A mental illness can cause many personality and behavioral changes in a person. So if you come across some strange behavioral pattern of a person, it is either they have some mental health issue, or they are going through some traumatic life situation. If it is the first aspect, then consulting a mental health expert would be advisory.

If a person is diagnosed with NPD(Narcissistic Personality Disorder), then that may be responsible for many behavioral and personality changes for a narcissistic person. So coming across strange behaviors of a narcissistic person would not come to you as a surprise. When you live with a narcissist, yo have to be ready to expect the unexpected sometimes. Not every day do you have to be ready for strangeness but there are a few times when a narcissist would act against normalcy, which might shock you or put you into delusion.

So now that we know enough about Narcissists and NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), let us move further and know about some of the strange and surprising things that a narcissist can, may, or would do.

Surprisingly Weird Things Narcissists Do

  • You are always the wrongdoer and not them in their eyes
  • They are selfish and inconsiderate
  • They always see the negatives first
  • They are almost incapable of praising others or giving enough credit to others
  • They act over dramatically over trivial matters
  • There is no winning against them in an argument
  • They are highly competitive even with someone who is incomparable
  • They cheat innumerably
  • Have uncommon expectations and unusual fantasies
  • They use bygone grudges as their trump card
  • They use manipulation in all situations where they feel they are losing the grip
  • They never provide straight answers

1. You are always the wrongdoer and not them in their eyes

Narcissists always think that they can never ever be wrong, as they are these perfect beings who are superior and more capable than others. There is no fault, apology, or guilt in their little dictionary of concepts.

Dealing with a Narcissist? Be ready for a long blame game. Despite all the arguments and verbal insults, Narcissists would definitely find a way to come back at you. They are experts in putting all the blame on others. Once they feel that they are losing control or somehow finding themselves at some fault in any aspect, they will find a way to transfer all the blame onto you even if it takes up making up all kinds of lies. Even though seems pretty clear who is at fault, a Narcissist would never take the blame and behave as if you are the one making all the mistakes. They point out others like,

  • They somehow manage to find ways to beat you and blame you for all their wrongdoings, despite knowing this fact you might seem helpless sometimes.
  • They might just twist the complete fault and act like they are all innocent and it is the other person who is guilty.
  • They might act all innocent despite being at fault and make an appealing point which may seem as if it is the mistake of the other person.

2. They are selfish and inconsiderate

If you want to know the true meaning of being selfish then be with a narcissist. They are super mean when it comes to choosing between their benefit and the right thing. They would purposefully choose the wrong things if it benefits them at all. They have no empathy, understanding, or care. They would choose themselves above everything else, even though you might have gone to extreme lengths to do something for them or help them, they would still choose to do their things when you need help.

They can also be very inconsiderate about your feelings. When you are dating a narcissist, you might find them gone once their purpose with you is over, and they would be dumping or discarding you out of their life and you might be clueless as to what you have done to upset them. They would use you just for obtaining supplies on many occasions. Even with a narcissistic family member whom you cannot think of hurting but they would not even blink twice before piercing your heart with the dagger of hurtful and harsh words.

3. They always see the negatives first

Narcissists are pessimists who would always look on the negative side rather than the positive. They always find fault and the culpability of the people with whom they are dealing in the first place. In good situations, they would be the ones jinxing it and in adverse situations, they might be the creators themselves or would try to make it more adverse rather than finding solutions. They cannot take things lightly, they cannot let go or stop overthinking.

Narcissists would be like the negative forces of your life. They would never be positive about your ideas, your thoughts, or your feelings nor they would support you in any such hard situation which can drain positivity out of you too. Being with them may also affect you and at a certain point, you may also lose hope which creates negativity in your life too. Having a narcissistic person in your life can be both physically and mentally draining for your health and mental health.

4. They are almost incapable of praising others or giving enough credit to others

Narcissists consider themselves as the monarchs of their own little world and they think that no one could be better than them. They would do anything to put up with their sovereign position. They would never praise something that someone is good at instead they would be jealous and prove them weak and incapable.

If you had or have a narcissistic parent growing up, then you would understand this profoundly. Nothing you do would ever be enough for a narcissist. So they would hardly praise you and give you enough credit for being a part of their life even though it is tough to be around them. Narcissists are usually overachievers and so they make you feel small, incapable, and unpraiseworthy.

5. They act over dramatically over trivial matters

Drama, exaggeration, and overreaction go hand-in-hand with a narcissist. They know how to make a scene out of small and unimportant things. They are the drama king and queens of your world. Sometimes they specifically choose drama to draw attention and other times it just comes out of their natural instincts.

Narcissists just roll over and project the anger of some other problematic situation that they might be facing onto your situation as they do not know how to handle things smoothly and efficiently. They cannot keep things separated and sorted. So when they do this, they automatically channel exaggeration, anger, drama, and negativity of one situation over the other.

6. There is no winning against them in an argument

Narcissists cannot take the blame that easily due to their egoistic nature. Narcissists can easily dismiss you and disregard you when something you say or do hurts their pride. They get easily annoyed when you do not act according to them or when you disregard them and their opinions knowingly or unknowingly.

Narcissists are masters of words and dialogues that can manipulate you and confine you to give up against them. They are smooth talkers and even do smooth arguments. There is no winning against them in verbal fights and arguments as they can just smash your

7. They are highly competitive even with someone who is incomparable

Narcissists would not even leave aside children or an old aged person and would compete fiercely with them. They love competition and winning. For instance, they would plunge into an argument with a child or an old age person easily, and also would love to win those arguments. Even though children and old aged people are not to be compared with, they are highly competitive even with those who are incomparable.

When you are somehow related to a narcissist everything you do together may seem like a competition. They want to be better at everything than you. For instance, if you both have the same workplace and are colleagues, they would do anything to perform better than you and get a promotion. Or if you succeed more than them, they would be jealous and fight over you.

8. They cheat innumerably

Narcissists have a huge ego to satisfy. Narcissists have very little control over themselves. They get easily distracted wherever they get a little attention as they are big attention seekers. Narcissists have no term for guilt or remorse in their dictionary. All they do is make you feel guilty for something that they have done. But they would never be guilty or ashamed of what they have done due to their high ego and low self-control.

They cheat on you when the narcissist feels that the charm and chase are over, the excitement and lust are gone, the purpose (whatever they have been using you for like money, physical intimacy, just to cop with their former breakup or a fresh supply) is over, and they finally can no longer use you for their gains; these can be some of the most common reasons why narcissist would cheat on you.

9. Have uncommon expectations and unusual fantasies

Narcissists have very unreasonable expectations from you as a family member, friend, or even life partner and might not even be thankful or grateful for whatever you might try. They might ask for unreasonable favors and when you deny due to any reasonable reason they would not even understand you in return would even may curse you. If you ignore their demands they would just get angry at you and might even humiliate you.

10. They use bygone grudges as their trump card

Narcissists hold deadly grudges when you try to go against the grain. They can be malicious and resort to smearing your character or blaming you for wrong things. They would present such a perspective of you to people that people start thinking that it is you who has done the wrong and left the narcissist to be on their own.

11. They use manipulation in all situations where they feel they are losing the grip

When something you said triggers a narcissist or points out their wrongdoing; they cannot take this in any circumstances. Remember that they do not take criticism well. They would be all hyped up and agitated to provide a counter-argument that satisfies their ego and proves that they are right and have been wrongly pointed at. So until they transfer all blame on you they would not stop their narcissistic projections. You can be the victim of narcissistic projections on multiple instances wherever you try to prove a narcissist wrong or challenge their toxic personality.

Narcissists often lead a life under the influence of hypocrisy, which makes them double-faced. They often mirror the selves that people want to see and also live with their real selves behind that mirrored image. So when they are unable to prove themselves or bruise their self-ego, they either deflect or face a wave of uncalled emotions which include incompetence, jealousy, hatred, and abhor themselves.

12. They never provide straight answers

There are two problems while gaining answers from a narcissist. First, you would never be getting straightforward answers, and second, they would completely twist the truth of the situation. They might also run away from the original truth and confuse you by creating a distorted reality of the situation.

Narcissists could completely go into denial mode and would not accept the truth of a difficult situation. They would create many false facades of lies just to hide that one truth. Hiding the reality of the situation becomes their top priority at that moment. They might also play the victim here, and accuse you of false accusations. They might gaslight you and make you doubt your sanity.

Can you survive the strange behaviors of a narcissist or can there be ways to protect yourself?

  • Believe in yourself and not in the accusations or the toxicity that narcissists project on you.
  • Initially, a Narcissist might seem winning for some time, but eventually, you can gain faith in yourself.
  • Letting go of hurtful and unwanted trauma, comments, moments, and life experiences can be a great relief for healing.
  • Look after your physical health with the help of exercises, yoga, meditation, and any form of physical workout.
  • Look after your mental health.
  • Consult a mental health expert, a therapist, or anyone who can guide you on the correct path for your problems with a narcissist.


A narcissist can be a difficult person to deal with. But there are also some positive sides of being with a narcissist along with downsides. Narcissists can be creative, help you in expanding your tolerance and curiosity, and also they can be good company if they are tackled well with the help of therapies or any type of positive reinforcement.

Knowing more about Narcissism can help you understand your NPD parents or anybody with NPD(Narcissistic Personality Disorder) better. This is the best and utmost way to cope with a narcissistic person.

If you notice any above-mentioned signs in your partner, take it as a hint or sign of a problem or also as a red flag, and discuss it clearly with your narcissistic partner about your feelings which may help you in making your relationship better. If you really care about the narcissists that you have in your life, try to seek help for them or take it into your hands and go on a mission to reinforce change and positivity to at least make your relationship and bond better.

Ella Carrillo

Ella Carrillo

Hey Reader, I am Ella, an Online and Offline Therapist holding an experience of 6 years in this field. From Relationship, Depression, and Personality Disorder to Narcissistic problems, I have helped a lot of people find their solutions. Upon gathering a number of common problems that people face, I decided to put the information on this blog so that anyone can get their answers easily.

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