What Happens When an Empath Leaves a Narcissist? – 12 Revelations

What Happens When an Empath Leaves a Narcissist? Narcissists and Empaths have an intriguing relationship. But what happens when an empath decides to leave the narcissist for real?

There are a lot of possibilities that may occur when an empath leaves a narcissist. What an empath may feel and how they react may totally differ from what a narcissist may feel and react when they decide to part ways. Let us find the reasons why an empath and a narcissist might be attracted to each other in the first place, and what happens When an Empath Leaves a Narcissist.

Why are Narcissists and Empaths attracted to each other?

There are many times, when Narcissists and empaths are attracted to each other because a narcissist craves supply in the form of care, validation, emotional support, and dependency, receiving help in matters, and healing; while an empath just serves them right by providing all that in one platter. Empaths just serve all that a narcissist craves and get manipulated, played, hurt, and in almost all cases end up being used.

Empaths are individuals who are highly sensitive to the feelings of others around them and have a great sense of compassion for those who are hurt emotionally. When an empath comes across a narcissist in need, they would end up giving their focus, energy, and all the possible attention to the narcissist. This is what a narcissist craves and thus they get easily attracted to and distracted by an empath.

Why would an Empath want to leave the Narcissist?

Empaths can see right through the narcissist, so when the empaths feel they have had enough, they might decide to leave.

Even after several attempts to heal the narcissist, and make them a better version of themselves, the empaths may leave the narcissist if they do not find many changes incorporated.

When either one of them understands how toxic their relationship is, they may decide to part ways either by peer pressure or self-retaliation in the case of empaths, as narcissists have no self-reflection or self-realization.

What Happens When an Empath Leaves a Narcissist?

The below-presented points are possibilities of what an empath might do and feel when they leave a narcissist, and also possibilities of what a narcissist might do and feel when an empath leaves them based on their perspectives. First, let us know the probable happenings and probable feelings of an empath when they leave a narcissist,

Empaths will persistently feel sorry for the Narcissist

It is common for empaths will feel every emotion in a magnified state. So it is evident that when an empath leaves a narcissist, they would probably feel sorrowful. Empaths first of all hesitate to hurt someone, but if they have to do so; in this case by leaving the narcissist, they might do it with a heavy heart.

When an empath leaves a narcissist, they would think that they have treated the narcissist unjustly and would worry about them for a long time even after leaving.

So if you are an empath and stuck in the same situation, do not feel sorry and try to let go of that guilty feeling. When you think about how the narcissist treated you, this thought would be helpful to understand how they took you for granted and how this disrupted your well-being.

Narcissists might barely realize that they have hurt you, so why worry about someone who is insensible to the pain they have caused you? Leave the sorrows aside, as the narcissist no longer concerns you.

Empaths may rethink leaving

Empaths would still have a belief even after leaving the narcissist that they might change and things might soon get better if they reconciled with the narcissist. Thus as soon as they step out of the relationship with the narcissist, they immediately think to get back with them, out of hope.

So if you are an empath and facing the same emotional dilemma, think again before you go back to the toxic relationship with the relationship. Consider all your options, weigh the positives and negatives of the relationship with the narcissist, and give the decision a second thought.

If you are dealing with an empath in your social circle, this is the time when they need the Empath Protection from the Narcissist as they are the most vulnerable at this stage.

An Empath may go back to the relationship

An empath may go back to the relationship after they leave or break up with the narcissist. They would be vulnerable and would think that they are capable of changing the narcissist’s toxic behavior and would still have some faith in them.

So if you are an Empath and going through a similar phase, just sit back and relax and try to remember the past incidents and encounters with the narcissist. Think of all the traumatic incidents you had to go through because of them, and you probably deserve someone better than them.

If you still wish to go back to the narcissist, make sure that you draw clear boundaries, and apply consequences for them breaking those boundaries. Narcissists would readily accept you and also initially agree to not cross those boundaries. But remember here, narcissists may change just for a short while and they may go back to being their toxic selves once you are settled in.

Empaths will worry about the narcissist

Empaths are individuals who are highly sensitive to the feelings of others around them. They can connect with other people’s emotions on a deeper level and can sometimes be overly attached to them. Thus when an empath leaves a narcissist, they would still be worrying about them, their well-being, and their happiness.

Narcissists have a tendency to thrive upon other people’s feelings and emotions. They would often be dependent on an empath for their emotional needs. This makes an empath worry about them more often even after breaking up.

But here you need not worry as an empath, as the narcissist would eventually be okay though they might pretend they are not just to gain you back. But remember that narcissists do not form emotional attachments with anyone and thus they would not be that affected due to the breakup.

An empath would be concerned about how they are perceived by the narcissist after breaking up

Empaths can get emotionally attached to others in no time. In fact, they attract people who need healing and thus they have a tendency to heal and help others and be liked by all.

They would get upset by their decision to part ways with the narcissist and thus this decision might greatly affect them. They might be worried that their decision might be upsetting to the narcissist and thus the narcissist might perceive them negatively and in a contrary way.

If as an empath you are stuck in a similar situation then do not worry, as the people who understand you and love you might understand your viewpoint and would accept your decision without judging you. So do not feel that you led down others by taking a decision that was favorable to you.

The empath may have learned a lot

Narcissists are equal parts diabolical and equal parts flattering. You can probably learn a lot from them, and also from your relationship with them. An empath would be able to learn a lot through the process when they are with the narcissist.

Though empaths are vulnerable in terms of emotional attachments, they would still be able to identify when they are not treated well and if someone is draining their energy and positivity. They would immediately know if someone is dwelling upon them emotionally, yet they would let people dwell upon them.

If you are an empath dealing with a similar situation, just take note of the things you have learned from the relationship with narcissists, and thus may allow you to work harder to find a relationship that is more advantageous to you and not emotionally draining. Finding someone who would understand you better and who would support you unconditionally.

Empaths may think they are the narcissist

Empaths have this tendency to often take the blame for everything that went wrong just to save others from getting blamed and hurt. They do the same when they make the decision to leave their toxic partners either due to personal reasons or peer pressure.

They would probably be judging themselves for being narcissist in the relationship and hurting their partner by leaving them. Above that the narcissist might make them feel more guilty and project such thoughts toward them which may trick them into confirming that the empaths are the toxic people in the relationship.

Empaths may move on gradually

Empaths may not be able to move on like the narcissists may be after breaking up, but gradually they would leave all the worries behind. They may be able to find someone that suits them better.

If you are the empath in the relationship, then it is natural that you might just be done with the narcissist’s constant toxic and manipulative behavior. Due to your emphatic nature, you might just be bearing all those out of care and sympathy for them.

So if you are facing the situation and wondering when will yo be able to move on as an empath, do not worry yourself and give yourself some time to help yourself from the narcissistic abuse. You may soon find a suitable mate, friend, or an equally amazing partner.

Now, let us know the probable happenings and probable feelings of a narcissist when an empath leaves them,

A narcissist might try to guilt-trip the empath

Once an empath makes the decision to leave the narcissist, the narcissist might immediately blame them and guilt trip them for being so irrational and insensitive.

A narcissist will probably want you(an empath) to think and worry about them and thus make you concerned about them despite not being in your life.

Narcissists can change the reality of the situation and they are capable of proving themselves innocent when the empaths blame them for their wrongdoing. When a narcissist feels responsible for committing a mistake or making someone suffer, then they can feel guilty unless their defense mechanism is not active in some cases.

Thus a narcissist can easily get under your skin and thus this relationship may not be as fruitful for you(the empath).

A narcissist might try to get back at the empath

Narcissists seek revenge when they feel challenged when their self-esteem is hurt, when they feel a threat, or when they feel that they are being abandoned. Narcissists seeking revenge on their exes, or anyone who has hurt them or questioned their ways might be a common sight for you as an empath in the relationship.

The empath leaving the narcissist can cause narcissistic injury to the narcissist which can be defined as a phenomenon or circumstance that can cause damage to a narcissist’s fragile and sensitive ego. They may get hurt emotionally when they feel they are rejected, criticized, blamed, insulted, ghosted, ignored, lose control, power, admiration, and so on. Narcissists can not let go of things, people, and situations due to their dissatisfied selves.

Thus a narcissist might and probably will try to seek an act of revenge on the empath as they know how sensitive and gullible empaths are indeed. By seeking revenge the narcissists might just have the intention to teach the empaths a lesson for leaving them.

The narcissist may threaten the empath

Sometimes a narcissist can get violent and may cause you physical or emotional harm. They may put you in trauma-inducive situations where you would feel trapped by your own decision to leave them being the empath in the relationship.

Narcissists may even try to harm you physically or cause self-harm. They may send you threats to make you worry and frightened. So as an empath, if you are put in such difficult situations, immediately seek help from others either family, friends, therapists, or in serious cases even legal help. This may ensure your well-being.

The narcissist might move on rapidly

Narcissists have a sense of entitlement which they fulfill with the help of the supply. They do not view a human as a human with needs, emotional attachment, or any source of emotional connection. They first view them as their source of supply, weigh their positives and negatives, and then proceed with them and visualize them as humans with substantial needs.

So when you(the empath) leave a narcissist, they would have to face their insecurities, let down their fake masks, be with their true selves, and face their toxic selves. This can make a narcissist treacherous and vicious to people around them. Narcissists cannot bear when they lose control of the situation. Thus they would quickly move to their next partner just after breaking up.

Final Thoughts

If you ever come across a situation where you face a dilemma and wish to find the answer to the question, “What Happens When an Empath Leaves a Narcissist?”, do not hesitate to go through the above-mentioned mentioned-key points. You may find satisfactory answers within no time.

Empaths are highly sensitive and they would always place others first and ignore their ownself. They are emotional sponges that may absorb all emotional responses from others and provide them with healing. So an empath can easily get attached to the narcissist and may find it difficult to move on from the toxic relationship.

But just take a moment for yourself if you are placed on the pedestal, and breathe. Remember that you are dealing with a narcissist, and they may always be toxic to you and you may always keep on mending them by healing them emotionally. You may have no time for your own well-being as narcissists would erase your self-worth and self-respect.

So an empath, evaluate your thoughts and decisions wisely and act accordingly for your well-being, betterment, and healing.

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