Empath Protection From Narcissists – 7 Ways That Can Help Empaths Protect Themselves from the Narcissist

If you are an empath, then this article is specifically targeted at you as the discussion is all about, Empath Protection From Narcissists.

Empaths are usually targeted by narcissists to obtain their narcissistic supply, as according to them empaths are easy targets. Empaths can always have the upper hand here as they have the ability to see right through the manipulative narcissist.

What is an Empath?

In simple words, individuals who are capable of possessing, conveying, and exhibiting empathy in a copious amount than an average person can be tagged as empaths. Empathy is simply a fascinating emotion that gives a person the superpowers to understand, care, and think for others even before their own needs. Empaths naturally possess selflessness which makes them cherished by almost everyone around them.

An Empath or an empathic person is someone who is capable of feeling empathy, having a lot of empathy for others, and are highly emotionally sensitive too. Empaths also make sure not to hurt someone by their behavior and they do not cause any discomfort to others by their feelings.

Empaths are individuals who are highly sensitive to the feelings of others around them. Empaths can connect with other people’s emotions on a deeper level and can sometimes be overly attached to them. Some people view empaths in a bright light with a halo around their head as empaths are amazing people to have around you to have a chat with when you are depressed or have a lot going on in life and also get appropriate advice as empaths can reciprocate pain on a deeper level. They have the ability to soak in all emotions that you project onto them and process, refine and reciprocate those emotions with comfort words as what you need in tough times.

One can say that Empaths have a superpower, but this may also lead to some people viewing them in a negative light as they might be jealous of empaths. Jealousy because empaths are people who are liked by almost everyone. But sometimes empathy can also put the person in a place where they too might get tired of receiving, perceiving, and dealing with so much emotional trauma. Sometimes being an empath may be burdensome for your own self and also it can pull down your emotional well-being and psychological health.

Why do Empaths need to protect themselves from the Narcissist? – Empath Protection From Narcissists

Narcissists and Empaths have an intriguing relationship because narcissists are individuals with a lot of internal conflicts, and imbalance and lack that emotional bonding that is required to live effortlessly and happily; while empaths are able to notice those turmoils that go into narcissist’s minds and lives, and all they do is understand, deal, heal, get hurt but comfort the narcissist.

There are many times, when Narcissists and empaths are attracted to each other because a narcissist craves supply in the form of care, validation, emotional support, and dependency, receiving help in matters, and healing; while an empath just serves them right by providing all that in one platter. Empaths just serve all that a narcissist craves and get manipulated, played, hurt, and in almost all cases end up being used.

Narcissist views the empath as an easygoing target and someone whom they can effortlessly victimize. Little do they know, that empaths hold a great superpower and are naturally gifted can easily look right through the narcissist, and is aware of what all goes on in a narcissist’s mind. This situation can definitely make the narcissist scared of the empath, as empaths possess the ability to disclose and destroy the narcissists’ real egoistic and false selves.

On the other hand, empaths might not do that as they are unable to hurt anyone. They might see right through the narcissist, but hardly call them out due to their mellow nature.

Do Narcissists fear an Empath?

Empaths are individuals who are highly sensitive to the feelings of others around them and have a great sense of compassion for those who are hurt emotionally. When an empath comes across a narcissist in need, they would end up giving their focus, energy, and all the possible attention to the narcissist. This is what a narcissist craves and thus they get easily attracted to and distracted by an empath.

Being attracted to the empath, a Narcissist still fears the empath on some levels as the empath is not focusing on the same needs as them. The empath is constantly trying to heal the narcissist and when the narcissist becomes aware of this, they start fearing the empath as empaths know all about the narcissist’s negative side and can see right through them.

Narcissists constantly fear that the empath might disclose their real egotistic self, tear down that false image that they have created, and disarm them with their healing. Thus narcissists fear an empath and the empaths have an upper hand in such situations

Ways That Can Help Empaths Protect Themselves from the Narcissist

Withdraw Your Supply

A narcissistic supply is the bare minimum that a narcissist might require in their relationship. If you wish to leave the relationship with the narcissist, then you may start by withdrawing yourself and stopping their narcissistic supply. If you have been with a narcissist, you might know that narcissistic supply means everything to the narcissist to keep the relationship going.

Narcissists are supply junkies. They are so dependent on the source of supply for validation that they are ready to compromise their self-opinionated self. How drug addicts turn into maniacs when they do not get their supply of drugs, in the same way, narcissists are just like addicts, they behave insanely weirdly and differently when they are unable to secure their narcissistic supply.

Thus it would become strenuous for the narcissist to continue the relationship without the narcissistic supply and soon they would drift apart from you to their next source of supply.

Try to be as neutral as possible with them

Narcissists sustain themselves on other people’s emotions like empathy, sympathy, pain, and suffering. It is one of the prime reasons that they get into a relationship, to gain emotional responses from their partners and thus fulfill their needs of supply through emotions.

Narcissists always wish to provoke a reaction out of you, so refusing to engage in an argument can be an effective way to avoid giving them attention. Not engaging in any kind of drama, arguments, discussions or disagreements may subtle down the situation. Responding in a non-emotional and calm way and showing them that their behavior is not going to affect you, may save you from all the drama and trauma.

Before reacting to anything, take a deep breath and try to calm yourself down. This will give you time to think and respond rather than reacting impulsively. Keep your emotions in control when dealing with a narcissist. It is important to remain calm and composed during the conversations.

Avoid praising them, avoid giving compliments, or in any behavior that may include praising them. When the narcissist is withdrawn from all the compliments and praises they might leave you immediately and run to those who are willingly ready to praise them.

Give yourself a break from the toxic relationship

If you are the empath in the relationship, then it is natural that you might just be done with the narcissist’s constant toxic and manipulative behavior. Due to your emphatic nature, you might just be bearing all those out of care and sympathy for them.

You might be able to see right through them as to why they behave so in the way they do, so you might be just holding yourself back from parting ways with them or criticizing them. You might be able to see where they come from, and thus you might be continuing the toxic relationship at the cost of your well-being.

But just take a deep breath, be a little selfish here, and find the safest exit from the relationship before the narcissist completely drains out your positivity, energy, and charm. This is the least you can do to maintain your emotional and mental health.

Do not take the bait

When you start taking baby steps to abandon the narcissist and save yourself, the narcissist will be able to notice all that in just a short while. When you just refrain from being the doormat for the narcissist, they might try to seek revenge as they think that you might be challenging their superiority in the relationship and insulting them.

They might do anything to provoke a reaction or a confrontation from you for all your changed actions. to listen to the truth they might do anything from turning a blind eye to you to smearing your reputation. You may never know what goes into their heads, and thus they might bait you into situations where they may be able to provoke a reaction in the form of confrontation form you.

Be cautious here and do not take the bait here. They might just do that to shift the blame to you for being the problematic one in the relationship. But do not fall into their toxic tactics and keep your calm and composure.

Do not become the focus of the conversation

The best way to do this is by simply focusing and creating an aversion to the path of conversation to the narcissist rather than yourself.

Narcissists love flattery, so the moment you realize that the narcissist is trying to tangle you into their questions, just to get information, just try to change the topic smoothly by either complimenting the narcissist in the most natural way or just get the focus of the conversation form you to the narcissist.

A narcissist would try to collect as much information from you as they can to use it against you in times of need. So just try to turn the path of the conversation from you to them by simply taking them on a ride of appreciation and praises, without giving it a second thought as you would be easily able to dodge the bullet of questions from them at this point.

Start calling out their behavior

Narcissists always overpower the relationship and control you. But it is time for you to gain the power and control back from them.

Narcissists would cut your sentences, would show off their achievements when you are discussing yours, If you are discussing your trip to someplace, they may interrupt your conversation by adding about their travel journeys, etc. This is the way they steal the focus and gain power and control.

You simply just have to do one thing here, just call out their toxic behavior in front of others if you are in public, or simply just point out their wrong behavior of degrading your conversations and look them go all crazy throwing temper tantrums at you.

But the good here is at least you are able to call out their wrong behavior and annoy them, just to get them off your back.

Keep your boundaries

Knowing and maintaining your own boundaries is an important step to stopping being a part of the Narcissist’s Cycle of Abuse. This means being clear about what you will and will not tolerate from the narcissist. Take your power back by setting boundaries.

Narcissists hardly respect other people’s boundaries and often try to cross them thus it becomes crucial to mark your boundaries clearly as their behavior is ego-driven. Be less accessible to them. You decide for yourself what behavior is acceptable and what is not. Setting boundaries would allow you to not break them thus preventing you from giving into narcissistic manipulative tactics.

Making your requirements or boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behavior is a must while dealing with a narcissist. They would simply walk all over you if you did not create some limitations and boundaries. Expecting change from a narcissist is nearly impossible but at least how you should be treated and can be treated is in your hands. This can totally piss them off and they may move on from you as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Empaths are highly sensitive and they would always place others first and ignore their ownself. They are emotional sponges that may absorb all emotional responses from others and instead provide them healing.

Doing this constantly brings them to an emotional drain where they even start to hinder themselves. This is the point when the empaths need to understand that they need to stop and free themselves from the toxicity of others, especially narcissists as narcissists often target empaths to manipulate and gain whatever they wish.

So the main step here is to spot the narcissist and be as far as possible form them to ensure your(the empaths) emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

Ella Carrillo

Ella Carrillo

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