What Happens When You Ghost/ Disappear On A Narcissist After They Discard You?

What happens when you Ghost/ Disappear on a Narcissist after they Discard you? If you have been with a narcissist, then you might be very well aware of the discard phase, where they discard their exes after completely taking benefits from them. But are you well aware of the consequences of ghosting or disappearing on them when they discard you? You might do this just to save yourself from all the emotional trauma and limit your access after breaking up but how would the narcissist perceive that? Let us know further in the article and find the answer to the question, “What happens when you Ghost/ Disappear on a Narcissist after they Discard you?”.

What is Ghosting?

Ghosting is often used to describe a situation or act of abruptly ending all communication with someone, without any prior warning or explanation. It is a typical action when two people have been dating or are in a close relationship, but suddenly one person decides to cut off contact without any explanation or reason. It can be a harmful, hurtful, unhealthy, and toxic way of cutting off contact with someone. It can be really depressing for the person who has been ghosted, as they are left wondering what nearly went wrong and why the person they were close to suddenly disappeared on them.

Ghosting or disappearing on someone refers to abruptly ending a relationship without leaving any loose threads. Breaking up and ending any relationship with someone out of now where without providing a proper closure or mentioning reasons and cutting all means of communication with them is commonly termed as ghosting.

Ghosting a narcissist means going completely no contact or an off-reach approach with them be it by deleting or blocking them on social media, blocking their phone number, not visiting places that you expect them to be, or even going to extreme limits like switching your grocery stores, taking different metros, or avoiding any activity that you think you might bump into them. Ghosting ensures that you keep your distance from them to give them the taste of their wrongdoings.

Ghosting a narcissist includes going no contact with them which also includes,

  • No contacting or staying in touch
  • No calls, texts, and no connections through social media
  • No casual meetups or encounters
  • No more being friends with them
  • No more exchanging gifts
  • Not even meeting them through the mutual social group or gatherings

In short, ghosting is staying aloof from all places, people, and things that may eventually end up in chances of meeting or connecting with the narcissist.

Now after being familiar with the term ghosting, let us know some reasons, consequences, and conclusions of ghosting a narcissist after they discard you.

Why would you want to ghost a narcissist after they discard you?

  • For freeing yourself from the abusive and toxic cycle of connections after finally breaking up with them.
  • Ghosting them can be a way of seeking revenge for all the abuse and manipulation that you have faced.
  • For making space for mental peace, self-care, and self-worth, which seem like rare and unapproachable concepts when you are with a narcissist.
  • Narcissists survive on drama, attention, and most importantly adoration, and may lure back their exes back into the relationship even after discarding them with the promise of changing or making changes in the relationship or with their conduct. Ghosting can help to avoid falling into that trap once again and protect yourself from further manipulation and abuse.
  • For not feeling the connection or the chemistry that initially made you attracted toward them.
  • Ghosting can be an effective way of setting boundaries and showing that you are no longer accessible to the abuser and that you longer want to be treated with disrespect.
  • When you do not feel safe around them.
  • When you are just exhausted from the amount of toxicity and mental abuse.
  • When you are no longer interested in any kind of relationship with them.
  • Ghosting may feel like the safest option for someone who has been discarded by a narcissist. Narcissists can be manipulative, vindictive, and emotionally draining. By cutting off all sources to contact again, the abused victim can protect themselves from getting further harmed and facing all that emotional turmoil once again.
  • Ghosting can be a way of taking back control and moving on from a painful relationship. It allows the victim to focus on themselves and their own healing, rather than getting caught up in the drama and chaos of the narcissist’s manipulative games.

What happens when you Ghost/ Disappear on a Narcissist after they Discard you?

When a person is in a relationship with a narcissist, it can be incredibly difficult to leave. Narcissists are manipulative, abusive, controlling, and often emotionally draining. When you finally muster up the courage to just end things completely after the narcissist after they discard you, ghosting seems a tempting and only viable option.

Ghosting may feel like the safest option for someone who has been discarded by a narcissist. Narcissists can be manipulative, vindictive, and emotionally draining. By cutting off all sources to contact again, the abused victim can protect themselves from getting further harmed and facing all that emotional turmoil once again.

1. You can be a victim of narcissistic hoovering

Narcissists try to hoover around their exes or anyone ghosting them and victimize them again, as they cannot let go easily. It can be really difficult to break up or ghost a narcissist as they can blackmail you, take revenge, or hoover around for a long period of time. They do this because they do not want to lose control over their source of supply. And also it is always difficult to date a narcissist due to their anger issues and unhealthy behavior so they have to be dependent on a lot of people to get their supply.

Hoovering is always intended for the emotional ex-partner that a narcissist tries to regain. It is the vulnerabilities that the narcissist takes advantage of. They would try to remind you of them by their glimpses and presence.

2. They would love bomb you to win you back

Love bombing is an act of over or exaggerated display of love which is usually considered toxic and unhealthy for a successful relationship. In an unhealthy relationship love bombing technique is often taken into practice to cover up mistakes, to recover the lost relationships, or when anything goes wrong, or to manipulate the partner with the help of lovey-dovey or cheezy words, actions, and loud effective gestures. Love Bombing is a manipulation technique commonly incorporated by narcissists to lure or engage their victims into a relationship.

3. They would guilt-trip you

Guilt-tripping is a manipulative tactic used to make someone feel guilty or ashamed for their actions or decisions. In this case, the narcissists seem guilty as they discarded you, but they would make you feel guilty for ghosting them after the discard. They would find ways to make you feel ashamed, would smear your reputation by making unreal stories that are not even near to the reality of the situation to tell others, or if you have a common workplace then they would try to degrade you. Their goal here is to make you feel responsible for the negative outcomes and compel you to comply with their demands and expectations.

4. They may seek revenge

Narcissists are experts at getting revenge. When you try to ghost them, they would find the means to hurt you. They would be so worked up about them losing their grip and control of you that they might affirmatively seek revenge. They can try to make you jealous by immediately finding a new partner and showing you that they have already moved past you.

They may threaten you by sending you threats of harming themselves or using any of your belonging like pictures or anything that they can use against you to try and develop any contact with you.

5. They can be malicious

They can be malicious and resort to smearing your character or blaming you for wrong things. They would present such a perspective of you to people that people start thinking that it is you who has done the wrong and left the narcissist to be on their own. Narcissists can even stoop low and blackmail you. They would stalk you vividly and would not stop following you unless you give up the ghosting game.

6. They may launch a smear campaign against you

The Narcissist’s Smear Campaign is when the narcissist presents someone as bad and lies to other people about what that someone has been doing to them. Narcissists can lie bluntly to save themselves and their image and destroy someone else’s image just to save their own image. Narcissists smear your image when they can no longer control you or have you, or when they want to teach you some sort of lesson just because you did not act according to the way they want.

When you ghost the narcissist after they have discarded you, or when you disappear on them after they break up, this is when the narcissist undertakes the smear campaign to make themselves feel better, satisfy their ego, and maintain their image in society.

7. They would find reasons to contact you

They would find reasons like getting a proper closure, seeking your help with something urgently, lying about being terminally ill or resorting to any sort of made-up lie to just be in contact with you.

Is it a good idea to ghost the narcissist after they have discarded you?

While ghosting may seem tempting at the moment, the truth is that there can be some serious consequences to disappearing on a narcissist.

Firstly, many narcissists take your disappearing on them as a personal attack on their ego. They may feel angry, hurt, or embarrassed that you have chosen to ghost them. In response, they may seek revenge in any possible way.

Depending on the level of control the narcissist had over you during the relationship, they may also feel a sense of entitlement to your presence in their life, even after the relationship has ended. When you disappear on a narcissist or when you ghost them, they may perceive this action as betrayal and may lead them to seek revenge or closure in any way they can which may include stalking, harassing, or sometimes even violence.

Along with facing the potential danger of disappearing on a narcissist, there are also emotional consequences to consider. Depending on your own attachment style, you may find it difficult to completely detach from the narcissist and move on. Disappearing may feel like the easiest option in the moment, but it can sometimes feel like a prolonged pain and sometimes it may take longer than usual to heal.

What steps you should take in advance when you plan to ghost/disappear on the narcissist?

So what steps you should take or keep in mind before hosting or disappearing on the narcissist? let us know further,

  • Before you ghost, a narcissist, make sure you have a support system in place to save you from all the leftover attachments and the urge to get back with them. This support system includes family, friends or anyone you think may support you emotionally. One may also seek professional help from a therapist. Strong support from your dear ones may help you navigate the phase of ghosting.
  • When you ghost the narcissist, affirm and follow the no-contact rule with yourself and stick to it. The narcissist may try their best to make you vulnerable and contact you, but be strong and apply the no-contact rule very strictly.
  • Set strong boundaries for yourself, and do not allow the narcissist to reach you through any sort of communication method. If the narcissist threatens you, you may also seek legal action in such extreme cases.
  • Ending a relationship, and also breaking all sorts of communication with that person, may be very tough and emotionally draining. Take time to heal from the abuse, focus on self-care activities, and if needed also seek professional support from therapists.


If you are facing emotional turmoil and decide to ghost the narcissist after they have discarded you, then you may do so to ensure your own mental and emotional well-being. Disappearing on the narcissist may seem like an easy way out, but also remember you may sometimes have to face some consequences too. By taking steps to ensure your safety and well being you can move on from the relationship and start the healing process.

Though ghosting is not a healthy or respectful way to end any relationship. You may also choose to seek professional help if you feel you are unable to process the emotions after the narcissist has discarded you. It is always important to prioritize one’s own emotional well-being and safety.

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