How Does a Narcissist React to Being Blocked? (Is It a Good Idea?)

How does a Narcissist react to being Blocked? Is it a good idea to block a narcissist? Dealing with a narcissistic friend, family member or partner is as is difficult, and when you just cannot be with them or are annoyed with them, sometimes you like a little break from them and so you either avoid them by going no contact method. Or even when you want to break up, or end things with a narcissist you choose this technique of no contact.

If you have been with a narcissist, or are already dealing with one, you might often get an urge to take a break from them for a while, block them, or just contact with them due to their vexatious behavior. So when you decide to block them or break contact with them in any way or plan on doing so soon, you might often be wondering that “How does a Narcissist react to being Blocked?” or “Can there be any unwanted consequences?”.

Let us know the answers to these questions further.

How does a Narcissist react to Being Blocked? (Is it a good Idea?)

  • Narcissists would throw temper tantrums
  • They would show some temporary changes in their behavior just to get you back in their life
  • They may blame you for abusive behavior
  • They may feel highly insulted
  • You might experience their narcissistic rage
  • They will hoover around you
  • They will expect you to chase them
  • They might be happy as they got their supply by upsetting you
  • They might threaten you
  • They will blame you
  • They might smear your reputation
  • They might replace you
  • They will overlook your worthiness in the relationship

1. Narcissists would throw temper tantrums

When you block a narcissist, they might have a temper outburst. They would be so pissed with you that you have chosen to do something without their permission and they have no control over the situation. They might definitely try to get back at you. Temper tantrums are a result of their unattended needs and something different from what they might have expected.

It would always be a narcissist who would be blocking their partners in the relationship due to minor inconveniences, but when you block them they would be so mad and frustrated as this act of yours may have directly hurt their ego.

2. They would show some temporary changes in their behavior just to get you back in their life

Narcissists do change a little from time to time, as change is inevitable for everyone, but their core personality and traits would remain the same, and also the changes can be only surface level. So when you block a narcissist, they might fake the change of being a better version of themselves and also just remember the positive changes that you might notice can be for a short period of time or surface-level changes, they might return to how they used to be in a short time once they have your attention.

3. They may blame you for abusive behavior

When you block a narcissist it so happens that the abuser would start blaming you and shift the blame on you. They would be pointing fingers at you for being the abusive partner and would project the blame toward you for blaming you.

4. They may feel highly insulted

When you block a narcissist, they feel like you have rejected them. When you reject someone they might be sad, hurt, or be angry with you but in the case of a narcissist, they would make it personally about them, take that as an insult and they might even plan to take an act of revenge.

Narcissists fear the feeling of abandonment and by blocking them you might have triggered that fear. This act of blocking might wound their ego and to shield that ego a narcissist would do anything to insult you back.

Being blocked is equivalent to being insulted in the view of a narcissist as someone as superior and entitled as they cannot make mistakes and be blocked. This might tarnish their image and so they would just take this as an insult and would obliterate you.

5. You might experience their narcissistic rage

The first and foremost reaction of a narcissist to any inconvenience caused by you is anger, rage, or wrath. If you have been with a narcissist you might be aware of their anger issues. They feel more agitated than usual when you block them. They would be harsh with their words. They would try to hurt you emotionally.

They might even call you names or use abusive vocabulary when you block them but do not get disheartened or terrified by their rage, as it is their go-to tactic to outburst their rage on you when something bothers them despite you being at fault or not. Their fragile and huge ego makes them agitated to the extent that they might say harsh words or recall instances that might even hurt more.

6. They will hoover around you

Usually, it is observed by psychology experts that many narcissists hoover as they cannot go along for a long time without getting their dose of supply like validation, ego boosts, praise, vulnerabilities, and much more so they probably hoover.

In case they have found someone new as their supply source, or they are simply not interested in you as much then they might not hoover.

But if they are truly into you, then they might hoover and not give up until you give up and return to the toxic relationship. They are headstrong about hoovering in such cases.

7. They will expect you to chase them

When you stop chasing someone, for whom you were once crazy or truly in love as you lost priority in their life or due to any reason, it may feel that life is much better than theirs; especially if that someone is a narcissist. If you are the chaser, and the narcissist is being chased, then it would be a very pleasing sight for a narcissist as they love attention, recognition, and consideration. But when you stop chasing them due to any reason, it might upset them, they may feel unloved, it may give rise to their rage or they would try to seek your attention by hook or by crook.

When you decide to stop chasing the narcissist, they may be harsh, feel agitated, and feel insulted as they always expected to have control over you. So now when you just stop admiring and chasing them, they would do everything in their power to lure you back. Narcissists would try everything to get you back if and when you lose your interest in them.

But when it comes to hurting their ego, which is already hurt by you blocking them, they might actually expect you to chase them as they are the victim here and they would want you to chase them as they are entitled and they feel you are lucky to have them in your life.

8. They might be happy as they got their supply by upsetting you

Narcissists love getting on your nerves and your blocking them may be a reason for their happiness as they were able to secure their supply by upsetting you. Knowing that they were able to get under your skin and were actually able to affect you helps them inflate their ego.

They feel powerful when they know they are so influential in your life that you had to block them. You blocking them might be perceived as their win for them, but do not allow yourself to not block them just because they get their supply. Just block them and move on with your life.

9. They might threaten you

When nothing works in favor of a narcissist after you block them, they will resort to fake threats which would target your vulnerable side. They would threaten to expose you publically, or they might threaten to use your belongings like photographs to harass you until you unblock them and they gain control. They might also use any document which is legally valid to threaten you.

They would try to manipulate you by staging certain actions which would make you worry or feel threatened and they would do this on purpose to make you respond immediately. If you feel there might be any danger you might want to call for help.

10. They will blame you

Narcissists are well aware of where they lack, where they are not fond of the way they act or do not like themselves at many times but never admit it. Instead, they would reciprocate all the hate toward the people near them or involved in their life. They would never show their weak spots as they have a strong defense mechanism and they would never admit that they are wrong.

Narcissists love to self-victimize themselves, to prove a point, to make you regret your decisions, or not to be pointed fingers at.

11. They might smear your reputation

Narcissists cannot let go of insults that easily. Blocking them is rejecting them in a way that would be considered an insult to them. Do not expect a maturely handled situation when you reject a narcissist. They may create a scene and play the victim here. They would blame you for giving them signs that lead them to such a situation. They might also plan something bad that can even smear your reputation. They may resent you for a long time.

When you block a narcissist they make an evil image of you in their mind. They would spread false accusations. They would also tell people that you have ill intentions and that your actions are despicable. When in reality they are the one who has nasty behavior and reputation. A narcissist may mirror the same emotions as theirs when you block them.

12. They might replace you

Narcissists would actually not miss you or your presence in their life when you block them, but they would miss their source of supply with whom they used to boost their thirst for an unquenchable ego. Narcissists would try to come back into your life that is into their ex’s life or anyone from whom they might often obtain their supply from time until they find a new one. Supply is everything that makes them important like control, praise, worth, ego boost, and everything that makes them feel superior.

Narcissistic supply is one of the prime reasons for them to date commit to a relationship. They do not have love as the first priority, their first priority is obtaining their supply, once they drain you completely out of supply they would leave you or might still have you as their backup source of supply. and Narcissists also have their own stock of narcissistic supply.

13. They will overlook your worthiness in the relationship

When you do something to upset a narcissist, in this case blocking them, they would just forget everything good that you have done for them, and only focus on the bad side of you. They would devalue you in the relationship and they would just overlook your worthiness in the relationship as they think that they are the most important person in the relationship and their partners are just lucky to have them. So something done by you against them upsets them, they would just forget how you have been there for them in the relationship.


A narcissist’s thought processes and reflexes are a little impossible to predict precisely. They act impulsively out of rage when proven wrong or pointed fingers at. Narcissists are passive-aggressive beings, who fail to connect emotionally with their loved ones hence they use various methods to feel powerful. Their actions always differ from what they have to say or believe. They are prone to create an imaginary world, where they say and make all crude, concrete, and everlasting promises and false and fictitious scenarios but indeed are rudimentary about the execution of those. So when you date a narcissist, you are always blinded by their fake and goody personality initially but are constantly manipulated throughout the course of your relationship.

So when there is an inconvenience or a displeasing situation created by you in the relationship, narcissists tend to either try to teach you a lesson or sometimes they simply want to have control and sadistic pleasure by harassing you with all the manipulation of emotions. They would not care at first when you block them as they think that they are way better without you, or would be angry and eventually they might entirely leave you or they may come after you. There cannot be any precisely stated possibilities as dealing with narcissists is never easy.

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