11 Things That Drive a Narcissist Insane

What drives a Narcissist insane? If you are also wondering the same thing, then here is your cue to know those things that drive a narcissist insane.

You can beat a narcissist in their own game by just a few simple steps like not validating them, ignoring them, not seeking their advice, dismissing what they say, throwing facts straight at their face, proving them incorrect, not giving them attention, crushing their ego, scoop their original personality right in from them, outrun supply, and a few more.

Everyone deserves mental peace and happiness. So sometimes you need to act against a narcissist when you are done with their constant manipulation and use their tactics against them. But by doing so you are defending yourself.

Do not seek revenge for anything as narcissists can stoop low and might take revenge for pissing them which can jeopardize your mental peace, health, or even happiness. Just remember that seeking revenge is not what you want, you just wish to drive them insane.

11 Things That Drive a Narcissist Insane

Pissing off a narcissist or driving them crazy is inevitable as they can get annoyed by the littlest things which you would not even imagine. There can be a few benefits too.

Narcissists can be dismissed easily, as little things just hurt their pride. They get easily annoyed when you do not act according to them or when you disregard them and their opinions knowingly or unknowingly. Thus here are a few ways to drive the narcissist to drive insane.

Inability to Control Others

Narcissists like it when everything is under their control. They usually have things and matters under their control and they also like how things should be and how others should behave.

When things do not turn out their way or when people try to go against them, it may trigger their rage and they may get frustrated with how things are going around them. You may also expect an explosive response from them when reality differs from their ideal imagination and expectations.

For instance, narcissistic parents like to control their children, their ideas of life, and their thoughts. They even suppress their individuality to mold them the way they wish as narcissistic parents see their children as their extensions.

This can worsen as time passes and when the children grow up to be adults. The only way to take control back from the narcissist is by walking away or stepping out from those circumstances. Denying to obey or just doing things your way despite their constant interference is also a way to break the narcissist’s control.

When the narcissist is unable to control things around them, this drives them crazy or insane.


A narcissist can not take “NO” for an answer. Rage becomes their coping mechanism for anything displeasing like rejection or ignorance. Rejection means what a narcissist perceives that they are not up to the mark for you or they lack somewhere. This makes them even more challenging to deal with.

A narcissist thinks that they are nothing but perfect and that nothing can suffice the rejection that they have received. While a narcissist may appear all mighty, confident, brave, and strong, they are fragile, and immature, with a boosted ego underneath.

Their false facade of unmoved or unstirred character may be shattered when they face rejection. They may also decide to take revenge once they face rejection. Narcissists constantly need to seek reassurance from their partners so not providing them with that may also hurt their feelings. Thus rejection is one such strong tool that may have a strong effect on them.

Being Criticized

Narcissists often criticize and judge others, but when it comes to them, they may not be able to bear the same. Narcissists can be specifically sensitive towards criticism, and may also be furious when someone criticizes them.

It may drive the narcissists mad if they are criticized publically. You may also expect a vicious reaction from them and you may have to be ready for an act of revenge too.

For instance, putting hate comments on social media just out of jealousy is also a form of criticism. So a narcissist might insert hate comments in the comment section of someone whom they are jealous of, but when that person does the same, they may block or report them.

It is typical narcissistic behavior to feel agitated while criticized by others.

Lack of Reaction from others

A narcissist may seek emotional and powerful responses and reactions when they put you through something. If a narcissist does something for you, they may expect grand gratitude in return. They want it that whatever you feel, happy, sad, love-struck, furious everything is because of them. They need to be associated with everything you feel.

Narcissists can play you like a musical instrument. They know how to push your buttons and how to calm you down. But when you may no longer be affected by their behavior or their behavior may no longer bother you, they may lose their calm and they might have mayhem wild thoughts bothering them.

Feeling Exposed

Narcissists lead a double life, which they wish to hide from others. They just want to expose the side that they want others to know and hide all the dirty dark side so that people do not judge them. Narcissists are superficial. Thus they do not wish to expose their double life.

The double life of a Narcissist is where they hide their personality or some part of their life altogether. This may even involve cheating or lying. They hide their real toxic personalities by gaslighting. Most narcissists are aware of the gaslighting technique and they gaslight their victims/partners deliberately.

Narcissists would often present their image as desired by you, they would mention all those traits that are liked by you, and they would make their image so spotless and desirable that you would be deceived by their charming fake personalities. They would often lie to you about their real selves. They would always wear a fake mirrored mask to keep you interested in them.

Thus when you expose their true personality to others, this may not even allow them to sleep peacefully. They may always be thinking about how others may perceive them once their secret is out.

Seeing others Happy

If you have been with a narcissist you already know that they cannot let others live peacefully and see them happy. They may resort to multiple means to target and victimize people, use them, and then discard them. Even after discarding them, they may wish that you come back begging them to be in their life. This is what a narcissist’s abuse cycle may look like.

But when you do not do that and find peace, happiness, and purpose with someone else, someone better, and move on with your life, this simple thought and scenario are enough to foster a storm in the narcissist’s mind. In short, all they want is for everyone to be connected and affected by them, and with their absence and presence in their respective lives.

Being Ignored

A narcissist might seem charming, delectable, and inescapable during the initial phases of the relationship or friendship. But as you spend some time with them, you come to know about their true personalities, and that is the moment you feel that you should either confront them or break up with them.

But what if there is a mid-way here, where you do not have to face their rage by confronting them and also not face their revenge by breaking up; and that is mid-way is “Feigning Ignorance”. Narcissists just hate it when someone ignores them and their presence.

Though pissing them, messing with them, or ignoring them may elevate your mental peace and can even bring a little joy for defeating them at their own game but this may result in some changes that may not be favorable to you.

Call out their lies

Narcissists have a huge ego to satisfy, so they always want to prove a point by lying. They just consider themselves smarter than others. The egoistic narcissist often tends to lie due to their deceiving characteristics and traits.

They think a twisted truth or a no truth would suit their personality better rather than being all honest. When a narcissist feels that they are losing control over you or the situation, or they’re being showered with doubtful eyes, or their partner has hints of them cheating or doing something malicious, then their insecurities and fear force them to take such measures which include all sorts of extreme lies.

For instance, When you know they are cheating on you with their office colleague, and when you argue about that, you may directly ask questions like, “Do you do this with her too?” or “Is she telling you to fight with me?”.

Change your behavior abruptly

Narcissists learn by observing. They are good observers. They know all your moves and thus they can manipulate you easily. They know how you might react, act, or reply to their actions. They also know all your triggers and “Hot Buttons”.

For instance, If they comment or body shame about you gaining weight, they might expect that your mood might be ruined just because of their single comment. Instead of doing that, rather surprise them with a buzzing answer that you love your body the way it is and you still catch the eye of many people.

Just answer in such a manner and observe them going nuts over a simple body-positive reply.

Trump their victim card

Narcissists like to play the victim card and act all innocent after being the abominable soul. Your natural reaction to this might be showing them compassion, feeling guilty, and letting go of the matter.

Try to find logic and reasoning to their statements and point out reasons why they are not the victim but the attacker or the problem creator. Remind them that they have played the same card previously and they would wish to try to use some other technique to deflect the blame.

This will drive them crazy and this way you may be able to run salt in their wound.

Agree with everything they say

Narcissists purposely try to get on your nerves just to get a reaction out of you and thus seek their narcissistic supply by satisfying their ego by playing such moves on you. They may feel powerful by the fact that they still control you and can manipulate you.

If they say you are crazy just nod and say with a smile, “Born Crazy” or when they say you are so fragile and sensitive that you may cry, act hysteric, or just nod and keep doing what you were doing. They may be so confused. Just keep on agreeing with everything they say without giving them a reaction. This may irritate them.

Final Thoughts

Only the victim of narcissistic abuse can truly understand the value and gain satisfaction by seeing the narcissist go insane with their actions. Narcissistic abuse is beyond a bearable range, so when you get a chance to give them the experience of the taste of their own behavior, it may bring you mental peace for a while.

Pissing the narcissist or getting on their nerves may be satisfying, but you may also want to be ready for any consequences as the narcissist may not lie quietly. They may answer you in the same way or may also seek revenge.

But getting on their nerves and driving them insane can provide that peace and satisfaction at least for a while, after all that abuse that you might have gone through because of them.

Ella Carrillo

Ella Carrillo

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