Narcissists And Gambling – The Link

Are Narcissists and Gambling intertwined? Are all narcissists gamblers and are gamblers narcissistic? Let us find out further.

Not all narcissists may gamble, prominently most of them do. Now there could be multiple reasons for them to gamble, a few of which are mentioned below. Most of the narcisists gamble due to their weak decision-making capacity and most importantly their grandiosity which may force them to involve themselves in such activities.

Narcissists are individuals who would do anything that helps them show their skills and make risky decisions in the hope of getting the desired results. Thus gambling and narcissism are intertwined as gambling is all dependent on making rash decisions and trying luck to win, which is also a prominent attribute of narcissism.

Gambling itself seems like an activity purely suitable for narcissists as it involves reckless decision-making to achieve the desired results. But the important point to note here is that gambling can easily go out of hand and lead to serious debts if handled in an impulsive manner.

So why are narcissists drawn so much to gambling? What do they wish to achieve by placing a bet on their wealth? Can this all go out of control for them? Let us find out.

Narcissists And Gambling – The Link

Narcissism is a mental health disorder that is exemplified by a boosted sense of self-importance, a constant need for admiration, attention, and validation, and a lack of empathy. They often engage in manipulative, risk-taking, and abusive behavioral tactics which they use to gain whatever they desire.

Gambling is an addiction that involves betting money and valuables for the desired outcome. It is a pathological condition where an individual has an urge to gamble despite the unwanted and harmful consequences.

Though it is important to note not all narcissists gamble and not all gamblers are narcissists. Most narcissists are inclined towards such activities as gambling and such ventures.

Several studies have suggested a potential link between gambling and narcissism. There are several reasons why narcissism and gambling may be intertwined, and those reasons are mentioned below,

Sense of Entitlement

Narcissists believe that they are made for special treatment and deserve all the privileges as they are better than others. They believe that they are born special and have special privileges. Narcissists often get frustrated when the world does not acknowledge their presence and their grandiosity.

Narcissists like it when their worth, grandiosity, and superiority are recognized and acknowledged. They think that gambling is and can be a gateway to a good life. For some narcissists, gambling is also an escape from reality into their entitled and fantasy world.

Narcissists feel that they are empowered by big wins and the riches that come along with gambling. All these thoughts keep the narcissist motivated to be in the gambling loop.

Delusional Thinking

Narcissists believe that they are special and entitled to riches, resources, and reserves. Thus they seek support for such activities as gambling to gain all those resources.

Narcissists would ignore it even if they are losing monetary resources, they would believe that they are a successful player, who may face such ups and downs. They majorly believe that they are pro gamblers and keep their minds occupied with such foolish thoughts.

Narcissists may always be quick to notice their winnings even if the rate is low, and would quickly forget their losses even if the number is prominent. They would constantly keep themselves convinced that they are successful at what they do, and would ignore the loss of monetary resources.

Narcissists would even gamble at the cost of their family’s welfare and safety. They may also not listen to their well-wishers and would continue to gamble to establish their worthiness.

Need for a Buzz

Narcissists often keep their emotions walled up and hidden. This makes them emotionless. They become ruthless and delusional. They develop such a strong wall that allows them to stay safe when others try to hurt them.

Not feeling emotions can make a person depressed, restless, and bored. These emotions may intensify the urge to get involved in activities that can make them feel powerful. Gambling is one such activity that provides them a buzz, a blood pump and makes them feel alive.

Gambling provides them with a dopamine boost and thus they become addicted to it even if it is harmful.

Preoccupation with Winning

Narcissists are constantly preoccupied with the thoughts of victory. They need to win in all situations by all means and at all costs. This urge to win blurs their vision and they would choose any path that leads to victory even if it does not make any sense.

They might even spend more money if needed to beat the game and be victorious. The narcissist would deny the reality of the situation even if they are losing. They must win at all costs and would gamble more money if it makes them victorious.

Risk Taking and Impulsivity

Narcissists like risk-tasking activities like gambling. They may be prone to such impulsive activities for the thrill and excitement that come along with such high-risk pursuits.


Narcissists usually involve themselves in endeavors that provide an escapism from the reality that includes problems and worries of life. They may use gambling as a coping mechanism to escape from their negative emotions.

To establish control and manipulate others

Narcissists may use gambling as a means to control and manipulate others to seek advantage from them be it in the form of power or monetary gains. They may use gambling as a means to exert power and influence over others. Gambling is a competitive activity, and narcissists love competition.

Why do Narcissists love gambling?

Narcissists are attracted to gambling due to the unpredictability of the activity. They are known for their risk-taking and impulsive behaviors, and such activities bring thrill and buzz to their lives.

The excitement and thrill of gambling may line up with the narcissist’s need to gain control and take risks to maintain their grandiose image. Gambling also provides escapism from the deep-rooted feeling of insecurity and inadequacy.

Gambling may often lead to the path of destruction and financial harm. Despite knowing this fact, they may ignore it and get more involved in gambling. Thus they love gambling which provides them with a boost of self-worth, superiority, and entitlement.

Final Thoughts

The link between gambling and narcissism is complex and multitudinous. Narcissists may have a gambling addiction in order to feel more powerful, gain attention, and seek victorious endeavors from the end results of gambling.

Thus narcissists may be addicted to gambling. It is important to note that not all narcissists gamble, but the majority of them do. it is important to note not all narcissists gamble and not all gamblers are narcissists. Most narcissists are inclined towards such activities as gambling and such ventures.

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