The Twin Flame Narcissist – Facing The Facts

What is the twin flame narcissist? Can someone with narcissistic traits be fit to be your twin flame? Narcissists have superficial bonds and relationships, that are based on transactional relations. They often form shallow relationships with people with whom they are associated intimately.

Their bonds may seem intimate initially, but over time the reality may hit you and you may be able to see the reality of the relationship you have formed with the False Narcissistic Twin Flame.

What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is someone who would be able to make a difference in your life the moment you cross paths with them. The twin flame is a conceptual idea that promotes a profound soulful connection between two individuals.

Twin Flames are also referred to as “Mirror Souls”, a modern concept describing the soulful connection between two people. This concept has gained popularity in recent times.

This may be just an ideology that is unsupported by any scientific evidence. It is a theoretical concept that may even have some overlaps or comparisons with toxic relationships.

The Twin Flame Narcissist – Facing The Facts

You may finally be on cloud nine as you find your twin flame, but you soon find out that they possess narcissistic traits and are toxic, abusive, and manipulative. When your twin flame is a narcissist and also is your partner, dealing with them becomes tough. It is not going to be an easy journey.

You might have waited for your twin flame your entire life, but they turn out to be selfish, emotionally unavailable, toxic, thoughtless, and manipulative.

Many people when they come across such a situation, may leave their twin flame as they may not be able to accept their toxic twin flame. They may not believe that this person is not their mirrored soul and they may be right.

In other cases, people completely refuse to accept the truth and reality of the situation and just keep going with the flow. They may accept their destiny and struggle trying to get along with their narcissistic twin flame.

The most important thing while dealing with situations is the decision you make or the choice you make. There may always be ways that the situation may incline to. but your decision can make all the difference.

So when you can figure out what sort of situation you are dealing with, solves half of your issue. So while dealing with a narcissistic twin flame, if you know that they are narcissistic, you may have fulfilling ways to deal with them.

Now when you are dealing with a narcissistic twin flame, there may be a few possibilities and beliefs that may guide your entire relationship with them,

Now the possibilities and acceptance rate of your narcissistic twin flame for you to run a smooth relationship with them can depend on these points,

Believing that they may change

One way to accept a person fully is having a belief that they may be able to change their negative personality at least at some point in life.

You may feel that meeting that person is destined, and you may form an intense relationship with them. This connection may feel like healing but at the same time, it may also feel challenging.

This happens as the nature of the twin flame is considered a mirror that is powerful enough to heal you emotionally and mentally while showing you your deepest fears, setbacks, insecurities, and self-doubts.

A twin flame is someone who would be able to make a difference in your life the moment you cross paths with them.

Being your mirrored soul, no twin flame can completely match to form a perfect circle of relationship. Nobody in this entire universe can match your entire personality, thus twin flames may reach a clear ninety-nine, but that one percent would be missed.

But with narcissistic twin flames, that ratio may differ. You may not be able to vibe fully with them, as they are self-obsessed and they may never really care for you, your thoughts, and your emotions.

So when you are aware of the fact that you have a narcissistic twin flame, accepting the fact that you may have a difficult path ahead is the first step. The second step is to understand what led them here in this situation due to which they are suffering a mental health condition.

Now comes the best part, everything can be mended and fixed, and thus people who have been through trauma, and hardships can also heal through the right ways if they are determined.

The not-so-good part is that until the narcissist is determined they may not change. Thus knowing whether your narcissistic twin flame partner is ready to change, you cannot do much about it and should not expect much from them.

Accepting your fate as your narcissistic twin flame cannot change

Some people and problems cannot be fixed despite your continuous efforts and accepting this fact can make your work easy of dealing with your twin flame.

Unfortunately, some people are so scarred that changing can be challenging for them. Their traumatic life experiences and unpleasant childhood may have forced them to be mentally and emotionally tangled.

So if your narcissistic twin flame continuously displays the signs of no changes, then you may have to accept them for who they are. Your twin flame is your soul mate, and thus you may have to decide for yourself whether to continue this journey of relationship with them.

So it all narrows down to your decision here. You can also leave them, with the hope of finding a partner with whom you can spend your life happily. Many people believe that if they cannot tune in with their soul mate or twin flame, they may never be able to find love. It is not true.

You can find a loving partner even if you are no longer with your twin flame. Twin flames are conceptions and ideas that may or may not be true for all.

Now, if you decide to continue a toxic relationship with your narcissistic twin flame, remember one thing the narcissist might not change and may also get more abusive with time. It is a possibility though, but you need to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios too.

So both of your decisions are true and there is nothing you should be ashamed of.

Assuming that your Narcissistic Twin Flame is your false twin

When you come across your narcissistic twin flame, there is one more possibility that you may want to believe that they are not actually your twin flame but a false alarm.

There are many chances that you may feel that the person you are perceiving as your twin flame may actually turn out to be false and you may have to keep your search going.

Unraveled by many people, you can have a few soul mates, but it is evident that you can only have one true twin flame in your entire life.

So there are many possibilities that you may come across many false alarms in the form of a true twin flame. Such people can be narcissistic as narcissists have tendencies to manipulate people and form connections with them just to seek an advantage.

Thus there are a few possibilities that the twin flame that you may come across may or may not be a narcissist, but the inclination is more towards that they may be a narcissist in the form of a False Narcissistic Twin Flame.

So what happens when you find someone who may seem like your true twin flame but their actions are opposite, meaning they are a false alarm in the form of a False Narcissistic Twin Flame?

To recognize the wolf in sheep’s skin, you may need to identify the meaning and signs of a true twin flame, only then you can compare and figure it out for yourself.

So it is not difficult to escape this situation, you simply leave your false narcissistic twin flame only to keep your search going.

Narcissistic twin flames can be so convincing that they are the one for you, so based upon these above-mentioned points, you may decide whether you wish to stay with them or part way.


When you spot the difference between a true twin flame and a false narcissistic twin flame with the help of the facts that are presented above, you can decide for yourself whether to leave the toxic bond and restore all your faith, energy, and trust to find your true twin flame or continue being with them.

Ella Carrillo

Ella Carrillo

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