How To Heal From A Narcissistic Twin Flame Relationship? – 7 Effective Ways

How to heal from a Narcissistic Twin Flame Relationship? A relationship with a narcissist can be so deceiving yet you may get attached to them, that breaking up becomes a tedious task.

A narcissist can also feel like a twin flame as their behavior is deceiving. One moment they are super loving and the very next they may be gaslighting into believing that you are the issue in the relationship.

One moment you may feel that they are your twin flame, but that could be a false alarm. Narcissistic partners can be so addictive due to their charm, charisma, and love bombing, that their personality starts to feel realistic.

But narcissists can be fake too. They develop a personality so realistic that their mirrored image starts feeling like their real personality. But as you get to know them on a deeper level, the reality hits pretty hard and you can be a victim of their narcissistic abuse only to feel mentally drained and physically abused.

Thus breaking up with them also becomes a difficult task for the victims especially, because narcissists would isolate their victims and you may gradually start losing yourself in the toxic relationship. You may be like a breathing and existing empty shell as they might have drained every bit of emotion, love, and inner strength out of you.

When you are in a toxic relationship you may not realize this, but you would be purposefully ignoring and denying all the red flags just to be with that person.

Before reaching the healing stage, there are a few other things that you need to understand,

Facts you need to realize about the Narcissistic Twin Flame before proceeding to the healing stage

The more you understand narcissism, the more you may be assured that the problem is not you but them. You may understand why your narcissistic twin flame behaved the way they did.

To deal with a Narcissist you need to understand what is a narcissist, the details of narcissism, and why you were so attracted to them that despite their abusive behavior you were not able to leave them. You need to understand their real personalities and how they used you most of the time to gain what they desired.

Most psychology experts and mental health experts suggest leaving the narcissist and maintaining no contact with them, but we all know how addictive a narcissist can be and how difficult it is to leave them. What the experts suggest is absolutely correct without a hint of doubt, but you need to understand a few things about your narcissistic twin flame and those are,

Your Narcissistic Twin flame is just a damaged person

It is essential to understand the fact that no person is bad, but situations, trauma, circumstances, and society make them the way they become. Some people may not be able to bear the burden of all this and thus they shut down themselves. This makes it difficult for them to understand emotions and feelings.

You may blame yourself for your failed relationships, but what you need to understand here is that your relationship and you may not be the problem, it is your narcissistic ex-twin flame that made you feel that you were just not enough.

They might have done this due to their insecurities, defense mechanisms, and traumatic experiences which lead to narcissism, and thus they only know how to receive and not give emotionally.

So your twin flame may be a false alarm as they were not all that, that they pretended to be.

You were trauma-bonded

Narcissistic relationships are like string cheese, the more you pull away the more you have to get indulged in it to make it work out. Narcissists are addictive and they make sure to isolate you so that you are co-dependent on them for your mental, emotional, and physical needs.

Your mind knows that being in the relationship would be damaging, but your heart says the opposite. This is what trauma bonding looks like.

Narcissists may try to recollect all the memories from the past lay them on to you, and try to create a trauma bond with you immediately when you try leaving the relationship. This is their combat trick to remind you of the beautiful memories that you had together and also to keep you hooked on the relationship.

Trauma bonding is a type of emotional bond that the narcissist forms in the form of emotional attachment, that may develop from repetitive traumatic and manipulative behavioral experiences. So when they do this, they are just manipulating you.

So this might not be true love or a true twin flame situation and you might just have a trauma bond that is a negative form of attachment.

You may also be narcissistic or possess certain narcissistic traits

“Like” attracts “Like”, can be true here, as like-minded people get attracted to the same. Many people may disagree about this point, but this may seem appropriate if given some more thought.

A narcissist may genuinely find another narcissist attractive. “Like attracts Like”, thus according to this parameter, narcissists can share similar vibes, feel attracted to each other, and understand each other to some extent. Their shared interests and behavior may make their connection work.

Even though narcissists cannot stand competition when they are involved in a relationship with another narcissist, they do tend to match their vibes, cooperate, and try to understand in some situations, but among all this, they would never fail to prioritize themselves and would do anything to make themselves the top priority at the cost of their partners well being.

Thus when you feel you have found your twin flame, the reason that you may have been attracted to them is that you are either highly empathetic or a narcissist.

Now after realizing certain factual and realistic information about your bond with your narcissistic twin flame, here are ways to heal from a Narcissistic Twin Flame Relationship.

How To Heal From A Narcissistic Twin Flame Relationship? – 7 Effective Ways

Can you let go of your narcissistic twin flame? This may seem difficult but with time you might realize that getting off such a toxic relationship was indeed one of the best decisions of your life.

Everyone is in search of love, so do not blame yourself or them for the toxic relationship. Once you realize that you are on a journey but with the wrong person, just get off the path and start afresh. This is the best way to heal. Let us know a few other ways,

Find out the reason why you fell for your false narcissistic twin flame in the first place

There is nothing entirely wrong or right. You might have involved yourself in a relationship because you were looking for something specific and you found that in them. Your instincts might have warned you about the toxicity of that person, yet you got deeply involved. So the fault is not entirely theirs.

Find out the true reason why you got drawn to the narcissist and work on that reason. There can be some possible reasons like your insecurities, trauma, self-trust issues, inferiority complex, and much more. So once you figure out why you got attracted and attached to them, might help you to move on and heal.

Trust the slow healing process

Healing can never happen overnight or in a few hours. It takes days or maybe months to get past traumatic relationships. So when the realization comes to you about your partner, trust your instincts and leave.

Also trust the path that occurs to you after you leave them, as it is the universe and sacred forces helping you to become the better version of yourself. Believe in the healing process and let the new day bring good to you.

You get what you give

If you spread hate and rumors about your narcissistic ex, you may get the same as you always get what you give. Even if the narcissist spreads hate for you, you should be the bigger person here and let go of the hate you have for your narcissistic ex.

Do not hate your narcissistic ex, but try to love them for the person your ex might have pretended to be. That is the best way to act out of love.

Be the bigger person and forgive your ex-narcissistic twin flame

Letting go of every negative emotion, bad habit, and toxicity is crucial to initiating the healing process. The healing begins genuinely when you truly forget and forgive the narcissistic abuser. Forgetting this may allow you to release all the pent-up negative emotions, memories, and experiences.

The narcissist does not need to know that you have forgiven them because it is for your sake. This may help you to relieve all the trauma and bad experiences that you might have faced with the narcissist.

Forgiveness includes letting go of negative emotions like anger, resentment, and dear. Letting go would start healing your emotional wounds.

Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Therapy sessions, and much more may pave the way for your healing and ease up the emotional turmoil. If you are not yet ready to forgive the narcissist, just be kind to yourself and practice self-care at all costs. Sooner or later forgiveness may seep in and make the healing process fulfilled.

Detachment works wonders

Detaching yourself from the narcissist is the first and most important step for moving towards healing. Healing only starts once you leave the abusive relationship and detach yourself from the toxic person. So whether you leave the narcissist or they leave you, you are going to be held responsible for terminating the relationship.

Healing is a process and not a phenomenon and thus you should involve yourself fully in it

Healing is the process of becoming healthy both mentally and physically. Healing alleviates and eradicates mental illness, and physical illness and increases energy flow.

Thus healing may require patience, self-love, and self-care. Be gentle and soft with yourself and do not rush the process. Heal your inner child and find yourself happy again.

Seek help from others

Healing needs to be done on your own but you can have a support system that will be helpful in your weak moments. This support system may include your friends, family, and your therapist.

The absence of help and support may make the leaving process even more strenuous. Thus seek help from family, friends, or therapists.

In Conclusion

A relationship with a narcissistic twin flame may be misleading many a time, but you can always heal from all situations no matter what.

Emotional, Mental, and physical Healing becomes very important when you depart ways with a narcissist.

Narcissistic relationships are unique and gripping which makes the freeing process even more difficult.

Narcisists have a strong hold over their partners making it a trauma bond. Trauma bonds are quite difficult to leave due to the dependency that they have created for you.

The Guilty feeling brings in all the shame and guilt of leaving the narcissist. Narcissists may not allow you to forget the guilt and thus this guilt drives you back to the toxic relationship.

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