Can a Twin Flame be a Narcissist? – 10 signs to unravel the truth

Can a Twin Flame be a Narcissist? What is a twin flame? Can twin flames be a false alarm? Can profound connections be false? Let us find out further.

What is a Twin Flame?

Twin Flame is someone who is usually considered a game-changer in your life. A twin flame is someone who may be considered a soul mate. Twin flames can be anyone and not necessarily a romantic partner. One can have a twin flame in the form of a friend, a mentor, or someone with whom you are able to establish a profound and soulful connection or relationship.

A twin flame is someone who would be able to make a difference in your life the moment you cross paths with them. The twin flame is a conceptual idea that promotes a profound soulful connection between two individuals. This may be just an ideology that is unsupported by any scientific evidence. It is a theoretical concept that may even have some overlaps or comparisons with toxic relationships.

Twin Flames are also referred to as “Mirror Souls”, which is a modern concept to describe the soulful connection between two people. This concept has gained popularity in recent times.

Have you ever come across someone who has changed your life drastically but in a good way? Did you ever feel an instant connection with someone the moment they entered your life? If Yes! You can call them your twin flame. This person may not have a romantic relationship with you and can be anyone who holds a strong bond with you.

You may feel that meeting that person is destined, and you may form an intense relationship with them. This connection may feel like healing but at the same time, it may also feel challenging, This happens as the nature of the twin flame is considered a mirror that is powerful enough to heal you emotionally and mentally while showing you your deepest fears, setbacks, insecurities, and self-doubts.

In all, you can have a few soul mates, but it is evident that you can only have one true twin flame in your entire life.

Can a Twin Flame be a Narcissist?

A twin flame is someone who may seem like your true soul mate for life. You may come across many people who may feel like your twin flame, but in reality, only one person is destined to be your twin flame. Unraveled by many people, you can have a few soul mates, but it is evident that you can only have one true twin flame in your entire life.

So there are many possibilities that you may come across many false alarms in the form of a true twin flame. Such people can be narcissistic as narcissists have tendencies to manipulate people and form connections with them just to seek an advantage. It is not necessary that those people who come across as a false twin flame will be narcissistic, but there are chances of them being narcissistic.

Thus there are a few possibilities that the twin flame that you may come across may or may not be a narcissist, but the inclination is more towards that they may be a narcissist in the form of a False Narcissistic Twin Flame.

So what happens when you find someone who may seem like your true twin flame but their actions are opposite, meaning they are a false alarm in the form of a False Narcissistic Twin Flame? Let us know a few signs that may help you unravel the truth of a False Narcissistic Twin Flame.

Signs to unravel the truth of a False Narcissistic Twin Flame

They do not wish to establish a deep bond with you

Narcissists form superficial bonds, that are based on transactional relations. They often form shallow relationships with people with whom they are associated intimately. Their bonds may seem intimate initially, but with the passage of time the reality may hit you and you may be able to see the reality of the relationship that you have formed with the False Narcissistic Twin Flame.

So when you try to form an intimate or a closer bond with your narcissistic twin flame, they might resist it or just feign ignorance. They might not portray this directly as that would present them as someone not interested. They might present themselves in a light that may make them seem vulnerable. Their resistance to forming a deeper connection is a sign of emotional unavailability that you might not want in your twin flame.

You find yourself excusing their bad behavior

You may get easily swayed by your twin flame if they are narcissistic, as in the initial stage of the relationship as everything you may face with them can make you feel special and important and you do not wish for anything to go wrong.

So when everything is going so smoothly, you can get easily wrapped up in the relationship and might avoid all the red flags that may seem inappropriate. You may be so blindfolded by them that you may start ignoring all the bad behavior that you may face in the form of abuse, manipulation, and emotional torture.

At this point, it is important you start noticing all the bad behavior which may be able to show the reality of the situation to you indeed. If your twin flame is a narcissist, then the start of the relationship may seem smooth but with time the relationship may look like it is going down the drain.

Their actions do not match their words

When you come across a narcissist as your false twin flame, the most important sign here is their actions do not match their words. In the case of narcissists, they may be projecting everything that you might expect them to be and believe in what seems right for you.

If your twin Flame is a narcissist they might say exactly what you like or what you expect them to say rather than showing you the correct way or giving you the reality check of the situation. This is an important sign to note that they are not someone whom they claim to be they are.

A true Twin flame might get you on the right track if you get lost, but a false narcissistic twin flame might only do and say things that may please you rather than doing and saying what is required and right for you.

They may turn into a completely different person depending on who they’re with

If you notice that your twin flame acts differently around different people and may act differently with you too when they are around certain people. This is a clear sign of them being a false narcissistic twin flame.

Narcisists are born manipulators and they may do anything that takes people to like them. They may establish many fake personalities and many false facades for people to lie to them. They may fit any role if it gets approval for them. Thus if your twin flame suddenly starts behaving differently every time they are around someone, you should take a minute to process this and weigh in the possibility that they might be a false narcissistic twin flame.

They bring out the worst in you

If you have found your true twin flame then you should be excelling in life meaning that a true twin flame would bring the best out of you and be your biggest supporter.

You may have felt a real connection with them in the initial stages of the relationship, but it may soon seem to fade away as they start insulting you, hurting you, making you jealous, and devaluing you.

If you have a false twin flame, they may try to convince you that their toxic behavior is part of their love but do not believe them as they are just forging a false relationship with you in the form of a false twin flame.

Your relationship with the false twin flame may seem draining as they may be consuming all your energy

When your relationship with your twin flame starts seeming like a void and draining all your energy, then this is a sign that your twin flame can be a narcissist.

Narcissists need constant attention, adoration, and validation from their twin flames, which may become hectic for you. If you start feeling isolated in your relationship with your twin flame, and you find yourself only involved in this relationship, then this may be a sign of your partner being a false narcissistic twin flame.

You feel that your identity is being forged

When you feel that you are no longer being yourself around your twin flame then this is a sign of them being a false narcissistic twin flame.

A true twin flame would allow you to maintain your true self, your genuine and authentic identity, and your real personality. While a false narcissistic twin flame would constantly be a hindrance and would just like to control all your actions.

The relationship has no boundaries

Narcissists would never respect your boundaries and would always try to cross them. Typical narcissistic behavior includes, not maintaining boundaries and often breaking them. Though having lesser boundaries or no boundaries in a relationship might actually feel like it may bring you closer to them, when you have a narcissist in the form of a twin flame, they would take advantage of you by constantly breaking your boundaries and establishing control over you.

This may seem normal at first but it is unhealthy for establishing a true and healthy relationship with your twin flame.

You are constantly trying to live up to their unrealistic expectations

A narcissistic false twin would just set expectations so high for the relationship that the real bond or the real cause of the relationship may just be ignored. They have such high expectations that you may not be able to live up to them.

So if you have a false narcissistic twin flame, then you might notice that they have set the expectations bar quite high and you may have to face their disappointment in you when you are unable to meet those expectations.

Also, false twin flames would enjoy your struggles trying to fulfill their expectations. They would love how they make you restless and make countless efforts just to keep the bond intact. They will always make you feel that you are not enough for the relationship.

The relationship does not feel on an equal basis

When you are on the giving end of the relationship and do not receive what you give or as much as you give, then the relationship may start to feel suffocating.

A healthy relationship is one where both partners hold equal importance but when one partner holds all the importance and considers themselves superior to the other the relationship starts becoming unhealthy. No equality between partners or twin flames is a sign that your twin flame may be a false narcissistic forging to be an ally in the form of an enemy.

What does a healthy Twin Flame Relationship look like vs. what does an unhealthy Twin Flame relationship look like?

What does a healthy relationship or a true twin flame bond look like?What does an unhealthy/toxic relationship or a false narcissistic twin flame bond look like?
Mutual respect and trustworthinessLacks trust, belief in what others have to say rather than each other, unhealthy mockery regarding character, habits, etc, lack of respect, and smearing each other’s character.
Building a reliable relationship together.Ready to end the relationship for trivial things and not be there for each other whenever required. Not making important decisions together. One makes the decisions and the other one follows without much input. Unhealthy and irregular regular communication and conversations; unhealthy ways to solve issues. Issues just keep layering up without any mutual solutions.
Both mates hold equal importance One partner holds all the importance and considers themselves superior to the other. No equality between partners.
Emotional availability for each other and truth is the keyLack of emotional availability, instead emotions are hidden or camouflaged behind fakeness. Lies, lies, and many lies.
Supporting each other’s growth. Healthy competitivenessGrowth is less appreciated and jealousy takes place of the praise. There is unhealthy competitiveness.
Understanding and supporting each other’s causesLack of understanding. Rather than supporting each other’s cause, just taking benefits from it.

Final Thoughts

Twin Flames are also referred to as “Mirror Souls”, which is a modern concept to describe the soulful connection between two people. But when you come across a false narcissistic twin flame your life starts becoming miserable, surrounded by fakeness, always lacking emotional support and always facing a struggle to find personal growth.

So when you spot the difference between a true twin flame and a false narcissistic twin flame with the help of the signs presented above, just leave the toxic bond and restore all your faith, energy, and trust to find your true twin flame.

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