Can a Narcissist Trick a Therapist?

Narcissists are natural manipulators, so can a Narcissist Trick a Therapist? Can a narcissist outsmart a therapist and make them believe they are victims? Are narcissists smart enough to fool experienced and professional therapists too?

Narcissists can easily lie and manipulate anyone, including their therapists. This may be intentionally done due to their cunning trait of being manipulative to run away from accepting the truth of the situation, or they can do this unintentionally out of habit.

Pretending to be nice is the art that narcissists have mastered. They can fake anything and can lure you just with their charm. Fakeness is the root characteristic of narcissism. Narcissists can fake their goodness, empathy, and sympathy, and maintain their image of being caring and understanding just by using fake emotions. Thus they can manipulate anybody including their partners, family members, or even their therapists.

Narcissists often present themselves as the victim. According to a narcissist, they are always innocent and never tend to take responsibility for their fault. It is always someone else’s fault. Thus they always choose to play the innocent card or the victim card.

They would always accuse others. So when others try to defend themselves as they are faultless and it is the narcissist who is at fault, the narcissist would simply flip out and accuse you of playing the victim to save themselves from the defamation to save their toxic self from being exposed.

While receiving therapies, either couple or family therapy, it is often noted that narcissists present themselves differently to the therapists than they are at home.

Also, it is a fact, that narcissists struggle to receive feedback or criticism thus they may tend to lie more than often. Even if a narcissist realizes their behavioral issues or wishes to receive help from someone, they often feel that asking for help would make them feel vulnerable and unguarded.

Appearing as someone vulnerable and having difficulty accepting criticism which is often the reality are two such hurdles that can make a narcissist lie and hide their real personalities even with their therapists. Let us find out more further in the post.

Do Narcissists even consider being given therapy?

People have a common misconception regarding narcissists that they do not even consider going down for therapy. But it is not entirely true. Narcissists do choose to attend therapy to improve their mental health and create a sound atmosphere for their family. They do consider their own well-being, so it is not completely true that narcissists do not attend therapies. Not all narcissists choose therapy though but there are exceptions.

How Do Narcissists Act in Therapy?

Some Narcissists may willingly opt for receiving therapy, while some narcissists would not opt for receiving therapy even though they are assigned. Those narcissists who have a high tolerance may be able to receive therapy more effectively and thus it affects the success rate of the therapy too. Those narcissists who have high egos at stake would adjust to ignore the prospect of receiving therapy.

How would a Narcissist react in Therapy?

Narcissists may behave differently with the therapist than their normal selves. Their reaction changes immediately depending upon the questions. They might not disclose the truth but would answer the questions in a way, that might make themselves look blameless or guilt-free. Let us know some reactions,

Blaming others for their actions

Blame shifting is an emotional and manipulative behavior tactic that is used by abusers, especially people who suffer from personality disorders, such as narcissism. When the abuser has difficulty acknowledging the problem that they have created and instead of taking responsibility or blame for what they have done wrong, they accuse the other people around them of having a negative perspective about their efforts, about them, or overall.

Manipulation tactics are always there in a narcissist’s bag. To never let their guard down, narcissists often tend to manipulate your thoughts and deceive you with lies. This is their natural behavior thus this becomes their natural habit while they are usually dealing with other people.

This tactic can even convince the therapist to believe the narcissist’s twisted realities.

Lie Effortlessly

Narcissists have a huge ego to satisfy, so they always want to prove a point by lying. They just consider themselves smarter than others. The egoistic narcissist often tends to lie due to their deceiving characteristics and traits. Narcissists believe that the Truth makes them feel inferior to others.

They think a twisted truth or a no truth would suit their personality better rather than being all honest. Narcissists like story telling and they do this even with their narcissists to receive validation. If a therapist reminds a narcissist about some glitches in the relationship, the narcissist would ignore that topic and brag about themselves.

Impress the narcissist by seeking validation

Narcissists have a tendency to disclose only information that highlights their achievements, appraisals, or distinctive features despite the occurring issues.

They might also highlight the struggles that they are facing due to their personality Disorder and thus gain validation in the form of sympathy. By doing so, they may obtain a narcissistic supply in the form of sympathy and empathy from the therapist.

Can a Narcissist Trick a Therapist?

The chances that a narcissist might trick are high. Narcissism is a personality disorder that may constrain the narcissist in doing so. So the narcissist lying even to their therapist should not come as a shocker, as narcissism is a persistent and chronic mental health disorder that would inhibit the narcissist to lie and scam people about their fake personality to shield their real personalities.

Why would the Narcissist trick Therapists?

Narcissists can easily lie and manipulate anyone, including their therapists. This may be intentionally done due to their cunning trait of being manipulative to run away from accepting the truth of the situation, or they can do this unintentionally out of habit. Let us know some reasons, why a narcissist might trick their therapists too,

They wish to outsmart and Manipulate their Therapist

Some narcissistic clients would manipulate or trick their therapists as they feel a thrill while doing so. They feel they are smarter than others. This may be more relatable to cerebral narcissists.

When it comes to cerebral narcissists, love to show off their brainy personality along with their outstanding intelligence. They believe they are far more clever and outsmart others in most areas of life. They may immediately disregard, ignore, or eventually discard other people’s ideas, opinions, and their say as they believe whatever input they provide is superior and is the ultimate. They believe that other people’s cognitive mechanism is inferior to theirs and thus they feel others always provide irrelevant ideas.

They wish to be perceived favourably

Narcissists biggest fear is facing rejection and criticism. Therapists often do not judge people as they view everyone in the same light. They often like impressing others and thus they can do anything to gain attention and not rejection.

Therapists often put their viewpoints based on how clients present themselves despite their existing personalities. Thus they would try to make a perfect impression on their therapists to be favoured by them.

They have Malignant Tendencies

Malignant Narcissists have negative tendencies and do not hesitate even once to hurt others, manipulate them emotionally, and can also use any tactic even if it is toxic and may include violence.

If a malignant narcissist does not intend to improve their behavior or work on themselves, then they might be highly combative against the therapist. They would just like to get the therapist off their back and continue being their toxic and abusive selves.

They lie without realizing it

When a narcissist feels that they are losing control over you or the situation, or they’re being showered with doubtful eyes, then their insecurities and fear force them to take such measures which include all sorts of extreme lies.

A narcissist would be able to cope with stress by lying. They continue the same with the therapist as they feel that they might be judged by them negatively. Thus they create a false reality by lying.

Is therapy effective for narcissism?

Yes! A narcissist can change but it depends on a few factors. If a narcissist seeks therapy with too many issues, then they might be able to completely heal one of them. The success rate decreases here.

But if a narcissist seeks therapy focused on a particular issue, then it can be resolved effectively. Long-term treatments are always more effective than short-term treatments when it comes to dealing with personality disorders as long-term treatments provide consistency which keeps the perseverance for an individual to go for changes.

Do Narcissists Ever Change Indeed?

While personality traits and characteristics are generally deeply ingrained and can be a little difficult to change. But if anyone is motivated to change themselves then it is possible for anybody to change. So if any person is motivated enough to change themselves and their behavior then it is possible for any hardcore narcissist to incorporate changes in their life.

Also healing from narcissistic traits leads to many beautiful emotions that may have been ignored. So if a narcissist is willing to change and realize that their behavior is causing harm to others then they would definitely step towards changing. Changing yourself is totally associated with and dependent on yourself.

Therapies, meditation, self-help books, and such healing treatments can help in addressing underlying issues like anxiety, depression, or trauma that may be the cause of narcissistic behavior.

Also, take this into consideration that change is a slow process, and requires a considerable amount of time, patience, perseverance, and dedication. It may initially be difficult for a narcissist to recognize the need for change due to their qualities and tendencies which may prevent them from viewing themselves as imperfect or finding faults. But with self-reflection, support, love, care, and the right guidance, change is very much possible for any individual.

Final Thoughts

Skilled therapists usually do not get swayed by the narcissist’s fake scenario development. They might start realizing the real issues and might target them indirectly that way they ensure that healing goes on without that narcissist feeling attacked.

Though a narcissist is a natural manipulator, and can easily manipulate everyone including experts up to some extent, this is not the case with all mental health experts like experienced therapists.

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