Do Narcissists Like Spending Time Alone? (If Yes! Why?)

Do Narcissists Like Spending Time Alone? Narcissists are known for their self-centered and self-absorbed traits. They always prioritize their own needs and desire above others. They tend to focus on themselves and their own needs, often at the expense of others. So can they be alone without all that? Let us know further, “Do Narcissists Like Spending Time Alone?” and If Yes! then Why?

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is distinguished by grandiosity, a lack of empathy for others, and a need for validation, adoration, and admiration from others. People with Narcissistic Personality Development tend to believe that they are special, unique, and entitled to special and uncommon treatment. There is no doubt that these individuals like to be the center of attention and are known for their pretension or shameless self-promotion. So circling back to the question, “Do Narcissists Like Spending Time Alone?”; the answer to this question holds polarity as it is a yes and a no. Also, it depends upon each different narcissistic individual thus making it a varying answer.

There are two major narcissistic flexes or duality in which the narcissist either depends too much on others for seeking admiration, validation, and attention in the form of narcissistic supply from others or generally prefer to depend upon themselves and do not like to rely on others. Narcissists may seem superficially charming, but they tend to have a need for control and may become uncomfortable or distant if someone becomes too dependent on them. But in some cases, narcissists may also use clinginess as a way to maintain control over their partner or to boost their own ego.

Narcissists can spend some alone time, but it may be difficult for them as they often crave attention and admiration from others. Narcissists may use the time alone to plan their next moves for gaining more narcissistic supply from their victims or partners. However, they may struggle with feelings of boredom or emptiness during prolonged periods of isolation.

Do Narcissists Like Spending Time Alone?

The answer to this question holds duality, as this totally depends upon each individual personality. Some narcissists do enjoy spending some time alone as they feel they can control everything and also have their way with everything while a few narcissists do not enjoy being alone as they may feel isolated, abandoned, and solitary. Narcissists do not enjoy the feeling of being isolated or abandoned and hence they may rely on many sources of obtaining their narcissistic supply.

Reasons Why Narcissists may like to spend some time alone

Narcissists love themselves excessively and are absolutely self-centered which may lead them to prefer solitude to avoid the need to engage with others. Narcissist relish their alone time due to a few reasons which are mentioned below,

Narcissists like Control

One of the prime reasons why a narcissist would spend time alone is that they love control in their life. Spending time alone gives them control over their environment and allows them to indulge in their fantasies and desires without interruption or criticism from others. They can focus on themselves without having to consider anyone else’s needs or opinions.

Narcissists are known for their strong, mighty, and adeptive personalities along with a tremendously low tolerance for criticism and different opinions. They wish everyone could just barely follow them and just say yes to everything that they preach or declare. Being alone shields them from any perceived threat to their self-importance or self-worth. Narcissists have a strong need for control and may feel that being alone would allow them to have complete control over their environment and decision-making.

Narcissists love relishing and self-praising their achievements

Another reason why narcissists like spending time alone is that it allows them to reflect on their achievements and accomplishments. They tend to have a grandiose sense of self-importance and often exaggerate their achievements, talents, or abilities. Being alone offers them the perfect opportunity to revel in their own glory and admire the superiority that they hold over everyone around them. Sometimes being alone allows them to reflect and reinforce their self-image and validate their self-worth.

Being alone can revoke the pressure to interact with unwanted people

This point is more valid or more applicable for covert narcissism or covert narcissists.

Covert Narcissism

This type of narcissistic personality does not display any symptoms openly but is closely associated with mental health issues in terms of anxiety and depression. It is the complete opposite type of overt narcissism.

Narcissists are recognized for their loud and noticeable behaviors but that is not the case with Covert Narcissism. Some peculiar traits of covert narcissists are, they can associate more with childhood trauma, they are introverted and shy, have low self-esteem, always in a need to play the victim, moreover are repulsive to criticism.

Usually for covert narcissists, or any narcissists, typically those who are of shy nature or introverted; alone eliminating any pressure to interact or empathize with others. Narcissists tend to lack empathy and may find it challenging to understand or relate to other people’s emotions and feelings. Being alone sometimes offers them an escape from having to deal with other people’s emotions which can be seen as a burden to them.

Narcissists find it way easier to avoid problems that come with interacting or talking with others, rather than putting themselves in someone else’s shoes and understanding others as they lack empathy. Narcissists may not be interested in the emotions or concerns of others, and thus they prefer to be alone to avoid any emotional intimacy with others.

To enjoy their solitary activities

Narcissists hate being judged so they sometimes enjoy their alone time to enjoy their solitary activities. Some Narcissists or in some cases, narcissists love to spend time alone when they are indulging in some sort of substance abuse. Spending time alone gives narcissists the chance to engage in their self-destructive behaviors, such as binge eating, drug abuse, alcoholism, excessive drinking, or any other behavior that might pose a threat to their health or well-being. Narcissists tend to indulge in these behaviors without anyone around to question or judge them.

Narcissists feel that they are superior to others

Narcissists typically feel they are superior to others and may not want to engage with others whom they perceive as inferior or are unable to meet their high standards.

Disinterest in Socializing

Some narcissists find it below their standards to always socialize with everyone and just go with the plan every time someone invites them as they feel that this may decrease their importance in their social group. Thus they would simply behave as if they are least interested in socializing with others and would focus on their own needs and interests which can make them nearly perfect or bring them closure to perfection.

Reasons Why Narcissists may not like to spend some time alone

Some narcissists do not like being alone or spending time alone due to the reasons mentioned below,

Fear of being alone

Narcissists have a deep fear of being alone as they need constant validation and attention from others to maintain their inflated sense of self-importance. A narcissist’ biggest nightmare or the chief fear in life is being abandoned by others. So they might even reconcile with their exes even after breaking up or discarding them. As abandonment issues are closely related to childhood traumas that a narcissist might have faced or is still fighting. Thus Narcissists fear abandonment and might need someone constantly around them to validate, adore and praise them and also to provide them with a narcissistic supply.

Need for Attention

Narcissists need constant attention and praise from others and may feel uncomfortable or uneasy when they are not the center of attention. They are notorious for their insatiable craving for power, attention, validation, and attention. They will do whatever it takes to adduce themselves and maintain their superiority over others.

Narcissists are individuals who are excessively self-absorbed and have an inflated sense of their importance, achievements, and abilities. They often project a confident and charming facade to the world, but behind the scenes, they are manipulative, exploitative, and abusive. They are also driven by the need for admiration and approval from others. They see people as tools to serve their interests and hardly care about their feelings, emotions, and well-being.


Narcissists have a low tolerance for boredom and may feel anxious or agitated when they are not constantly stimulated or engaged with something or someone. Narcissists constantly someone to pay attention to them, and be with them constantly, thus the idea of being alone or spending some alone time may not seem ideal for some narcissists.

Need for Drama

Narcissists often create drama and chaos in their lives to seek attention, and being alone can make it difficult to generate drama and draw attention to themselves. They love when people fight because of them or with them just to draw attention.

Fear of Losing Control

Narcissists thrive on having control over their surroundings and the people in their lives, and being alone can make them feel Narcissistic people thrive on control and manipulation. A Narcissist is an individual who is excessively obsessed to have control.

Lack of Self-Reflection

Narcissists rarely engage in self-reflective activities such as self-analysis, self-improvement, and introspection, which are typically done alone. Spending time alone and reflecting on their own thoughts and behaviors can be uncomfortable for a narcissist as it may bring up feelings of shame or vulnerability.

How do Narcissists cope with being alone?

It is important to note that different narcissistic individuals can display different behaviors and coping mechanisms depending on the severity of their narcissism and the specific circumstances they are facing. Narcissists may cope with being alone in a few ways like,

  • They may seek out new sources of attention, validation, and admiration such as online interactions, or seek out a new source of supply in the form of a new romantic partner.
  • Some narcissists especially covert narcissists may become extremely or increasingly isolated and withdraw from social interactions altogether.
  • Some may attempt to reconnect with past relationships, despite past hurtful behaviors.
  • Some narcissists may indulge themselves in behaviors that are self-soothing such as substance abuse, binge eating, or excessive spending on unnecessary things just to show off their grandiosity.

Important Takeaway

While narcissists like to be the center of attention, they also relish their alone time. They see it as an opportunity to indulge in their fantasies, reinforce their self-image, and avoid dealing with the emotions of others. They crave control and may engage in self-destructive behaviors during less scrutinized moments. It is important to note that while spending some time alone is healthy for everyone, excessive isolation and self-absorption can be detrimental to one’s overall well-being.

It is important to note that different narcissistic individuals can display different behaviors and coping mechanisms depending on the severity of their narcissism and the specific circumstances they are facing.

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