Do All Narcissists Cheat And Lie? (Truth Exposed)

Do all narcissists Cheat and Lie? It is extremely difficult to deal with and understand a narcissist, especially due to their unlikely behavior and thought processes, their psychology, and their manipulative tactics. Generalizing narcissistic behavior would not be as sufficient to categorize the characteristics of each individual as narcissism is much more extensive than that and the degree of narcissism is different for each individual.

So generalizing something for all narcissists might not seem as appropriate as each individual is different due to the atmosphere in which they have been raised, the care and parenting they received, and the fostering.

Having said that there can be a few traits that remain common for all narcissists, which include manipulating people, abusing them for their benefit, having toxic relationships due to their toxic thoughts, cheating, and lying to cover up their acts of dishonesty, and much more included in there. Thus cheating and lying are natural traits for a narcissist which are ingrained in their behavioral patterns. So now the question arises, “Do all narcissists cheat and lie?”. Ley us find out further in the article.

If you have come across narcissists in your life, you would know how difficult it is to deal with them. To understand them, there are a few ways that may help you in understanding Narcissistic Behavior in depth. Some of these are mentioned here below,

  • Researching more about narcissism with the help of books, articles, psychology experts, or any reliable source.
  • Trying to empathize with the narcissist for once to understand their perspective.
  • Seeking help from professionals who specialize in such fields, especially related to narcissism, like mental health experts, therapists, and consultants.
  • Getting insights from individuals already suffering or have been through the traumatic experience of having someone narcissistic in their lives through support groups, self-help, or online communities.
  • A lot of content can be discovered by referring to some self-help books, as many authors share their personal stories through which you may be able to relate a little more remotely.

All of these ways make it a little doable to be with them and deal with them. Once well aware of the reasons behind their behaving in particularly different extravagant fashion, their Narcissistic Behavior would be simplified for us to understand better and in-depth. For understanding Narcissistic behavior like why they Lie, Cheat, feel and demonstrate Jealousy, want Control, and much more, it is crucial to know the reasons behind why they do what they do!

Why would a narcissist cheat on you?

Falseness, lack of trust, breach of commitments, and disloyalty are some of the narcissistic traits that are an integral part of their character and personality. They even have control issues and so they can’t control their nasty desires, materialistic needs, and physical intimacy needs. They may leave you when they find someone better than you or for fulfilling their magnified needs for lovemaking.

To fulfill their empty and shallow life, narcissists gain attention, praise, and whatever they need to present their grandiosity of life. So if they are getting all of these needs fulfilled by someone else in a better manner they might leave you.

If they are bored with you then also they might leave you. If you pressurize them to be bound by matrimonial rituals or responsibilities like childbearing then they may run away from those and find someone new and get their needs fulfilled. Narcissistic have a dating loop that is almost never-ending until they desire to settle down.

Narcissists even get easily bored and dissatisfied with their partner, once they feel their source of supply has been drained, so they might leave you for another person sooner or later. Narcissists do not have empathy leading them to completely ignore another person’s emotions and prioritize their nasty desires over their partner’s feelings.

They might cheat on you or leave you for another person when the narcissist feels that the charm and chase are over, the excitement and lust are gone, and the purpose (whatever they have been using you for like money, physical intimacy, just to cop with their former breakup or a fresh supply) is over, and they finally can no longer use you for their gains; these can be some of the most common reasons why narcissist would cheat on you.

Why Do Narcissists Lie So Much?

Narcissists have a very huge ego to satisfy, so they always want to prove a point by lying. They just consider themselves smarter than others. Egoistic narcissist often tends to lie due to their deceiving characteristics and traits. Narcissists believe that the Truth makes them feel inferior to others.

They think a twisted truth or a no truth would suit their personality better rather than being all honest. When a narcissist feels that they are losing control over you or the situation, or they’re being showered with doubtful eyes, or their partner has hints of them cheating or doing something malicious, then their insecurities and fear force them to take such measures which include all sorts of extreme lies. They lie because,

  • They are hardcore attention seekers
  • It is their natural instinct to lie
  • For deceiving or gaslighting
  • For satisfying their egoistic self
  • Lack of empathy
  • Sense of Entitlement
  • Lack of Trust
  • Out of habit
  • To trick and manipulate others

What does a Narcissist desire from a relationship?

If you are caught up somehow in any sort of relationship be it a romantic relationship, blood relationship(family), work relationship(acquaintance), or any relationship, then all you want is just one thing from you and that is to blame shift you for all of their complex emotional turmoil and insecurities. All they wish is to find a way to project their insecurities, toxicity, and insecurities on you in the form of gaslighting, blame-shifting, or playing a victim.

Narcissists mask their true selves behind their fake projected grandiose selves. They often find a chance to self-loathe and discuss their sufferings to gain sympathy and attention from relationships. All they want is to never be blamed and always be tolerated by others as they are without any criticism.

Narcissists prefer to be seen as nearly perfectly casted beings. They are full of themselves. So they would do everything to avoid any mishap that can ruin their nearly perfect image. They are just lustrous on the outside but very dark on the inside as they hide all their realities and leave in a world made of falseness and fake facades.

Relationships are a narcissist’s way of releasing or diverting all their anger, emotional turmoil, hatred, and toxicity, otherwise, they would just go crazy or explode with all that emotional disturbance inside. They need a release and relationships are their gateway. And that is the reason why a narcissist can replace you easily and quickly move on to their next relationship without even blinking.

Do All Narcissists Cheat And Lie?

The infidelity rate is quite higher among narcissists, which may become a concern for all those who are romantically associated with a narcissist. So can a narcissist be trusted with this matter? Are all narcissists the same? So the answer to this question is, “NO, not all narcissists are the same. It completely depends on the individual beliefs and characteristics of a person.

The answer to this question may also seem dubious, as individuals cannot just be predicted on some characteristics and assumptions, so one cannot prove that all narcissists do cheat usually. But cheating is a trait certainly strongly attached and associated with narcissistic personalities. Narcissists do put a false identity or lie unbelievably so that no one can think they can be dishonest. They can perfectly portray an innocent character by lying straight to your face and that too with expertise.

What are some of the Narcissist Cheating Signs That You Should Not ignore?

There are various Narcissist cheating signs you should not deny at any cost. But how can you know if a narcissist is cheating on you?

  • Avoids meeting you with excuses
  • Cancels plans at the last minute
  • Sudden behavioral changes
  • Excessively showering you with love and other expensive gifts and surprising you
  • Disappearing suddenly for days and changing the topic when you ask about their disappearance
  • A sudden drop in communication
  • Lies Lies and only Lies
  • Do not allow you to go anywhere around their phones, tablets, or any belongings
  • Always on their phone
  • Showing no interest in physical intimacy with you
  • If by chance you get a hint about them cheating, blaming you for everything

Narcissists will cheat on you & accuse you of being unfaithful. They’ll lash out & blame you for making them angry. They’ll hide their phone & openly flirt, then call you jealous & irrational. They’ll abandon you & leave you holding the bag, then tell everyone that they fled your abuse.


What Does A Narcissist Do When Caught Cheating And Lying?

In Conclusion

So the most important to take away from this article is not everyone who cheats and lies is a narcissist and not every narcissist cheats and lies. According to a few research studies, experts have been able to conclude that there are high rates of infidelity among narcissistic individuals but that does not prove that all narcissists cheat and lie.

Are all narcissists the same? So the answer to this question is, “NO, not all narcissists are the same. It completely depends on the individual beliefs and characteristics of a person. The answer to this question may also leave you thinking, that not all narcissistic individuals cannot just be predicted on some characteristics and assumptions, so no not all narcissists do cheat usually.

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Ella Carrillo

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