When Narcissist Ex Says Never Contact Me Again Do They Mean It?

What does it mean when Narcissist Ex Says Never Contact Me Again Do they mean It? What does it mean when a narcissist asks you to stop contacting them? Do they really mean it? If you are wondering, “Will a narcissist ever contact you again after declaring not to contact them?”, then know the real meaning of the distorted reality or the real meaning by going further in this article.

Narcissists have a tendency to manipulate and deceive others. So it is possible that they may say “Never contact me again” to control the situation and to continue playing games with their victims. They say such things when they want to make you carve their presence in your life. They want to appease them.

When a narcissist asks you to never contact them again, it typically means that they have been offended or are upset by something and are using this statement as a way to cut ties and assert power and control in the situation. It may also be a manipulative tactic to make their partners beg for forgiveness and give them the desired attention.

What does it mean when Narcissist Ex Says Never Contact Me Again? – Is it the same as “The No Contact Rule”?

Breakups can be difficult, especially when dealing with a narcissistic ex-partner. Narcissistic individuals have a sense of entitlement, lack empathy, and have a grandiose self-image. These individuals can be manipulative, and controlling, and often try to maintain control even after the relationship has ended. Therefore, when a narcissistic ex tells you to never contact them again, it can be challenging to determine if they genuinely mean it.

What is the “NO CONTACT” rule?

The “NO CONTACT” rule means going completely off contact or an off-reach approach with someone. The “No Contact Rule” is much more valid for the victims who have been abused by narcissists, as the “No Contact Rule” implies that it is your way of saying “Just Not anymore” to the narcissistic abuse, the violence if in case, the manipulative tactics, and being used as a pawn.

But with narcissists it is different. The “No Contact Rule” just becomes invalid in the case of narcissists as they just do not mean it when they say “Never Contact Me Again” and in fact they want you to contact them desperately. It is just one of the ways to lure you in after a breakup. It is one of their dupes to make you beg them to continue the relationship by resuming the communication. So in the case of narcissists, the “No Contact Rule” and “Never Contact Me Again” are definitely not the same.

Reasons a Narcissist Ex might say “Never Contact Me Again”

As this article explores the reasons why a narcissist ex might say this and what it means for you, knowing the reasons in detail would be much more helpful.

Fear of Abandonment

Narcissistic individuals typically have a fragile ego, and rejection or abandonment can trigger feelings of vulnerability and insecurity. Therefore, when a relationship ends, they may fear being left alone and abandoned. Telling their ex-partner to never contact them again can provide them with a sense of control and protection from further rejection.

But also remember that a narcissist’ biggest nightmare or the chief fear in life is being abandoned by their ex-partner. So they might come back even after telling their ex-partners not to ever contact them. As abandonment issues are closely related to childhood traumas that a narcissist might have faced or is still fighting.

Thus Narcissists fear abandonment and might come around even after asking their ex-partners to never contact them again.

Control and Manipulation

Narcissistic people thrive on control and manipulation. Telling their ex-partner never to contact them again can be a power move, giving them the upper hand in the situation after breaking up. Narcissists use this technique of asking their exes to never contact them again to manipulate their exes so that they keep trying to contact them, giving the narcissist the upper hand.

If a narcissist has broken up or discarded their partner, then they already have an upper hand in this situation. They still might ask their ex to never contact them again to avoid the nuisance of their exes. This time “Never Contact Me Again” might really be the message that they strongly would want their exes to believe in and also act upon. Because if a narcissist has discarded you, then they might have already found their new source of supply and they do not wish to be bothered by their ex.

So in the case where a narcissist has discarded you, and has mentioned the statement “Never Contact Me Again”, then believe it to be true and move on from them to save your self-esteem and self-respect.

When Narcissist Ex Says Never Contact Me Again Do They Mean It?

Due to their Sense of Entitlement

Narcissists believe that they are superior to others and deserve special treatment from everyone around them. When a relationship ends, and if it has been their partner’s decision to end things with the narcissist then, they might not take this well. This may fuel their already inflated sense of self, which can also fuel their fear of abandonment and lack of supply. So they might act impulsively and out of rage.

The decision of ending things with the narcissists, might upset them, and hurt their ego and self-pride making them feel rejected and insulted. A narcissist might feel that they are losing control of the situation and this may lead them to demand their partners to never contact them again.

So in the case where their partners have ended things with the narcissist, and when the narcissist mentions the statement “Never Contact Me Again”, then believe it to be a not-so-true statement. This means they still want you as their partner in their life but have just reacted this way just to not let their guard down and gain control of the situation of a breakup so that they do not lose their pride and esteem. So they might hoover around you after a while when they cannot find any other source to obtain their narcissistic supply.

A way to hurt their ex-partner

Narcissistic individuals can be vindictive and spiteful and may use tactics to hurt their ex-partner as revenge for the failed relationship. Demanding that their ex-partner never contacts them again can be a way of punishing them and causing them emotional pain.

Narcissists are incapable to take blame or responsibility for anything if it is their fault. The relationship might have failed because their evil tactics and manipulative nature might have been exposed to their partner, and thus this may have led to a failed relationship resulting in a breakup.

So in the case where the failure of a relationship leads to the feeling of blame and insult for the narcissist, and when the narcissist mentions the statement “Never Contact Me Again”, then believe it to be a fifty percent chance of them either returning or breaking up the relationship for real.

They might either come back if they have not yet found a new source of supply as the relationship had to have an abrupt end and they had not seen this coming(their partner leaving them anytime soon as they never really realize their fault) and is this incident has hurt their pride then they may not return and move on from their past partner and relationship for good and for real in this case.

When Narcissist Ex Says Never Contact Me Again – What it Means for You(their ex-partner)?

When a narcissistic ex demands that you (their ex-partner) never contact them again after a breakup, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, it is essential to understand that narcissists might have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships. Therefore the chances of getting back together with you are slim from your perspective, but for them the possibilities of them discarding you and you returning to them are never-ending. And they also wish for the same and desire the same.

Secondly, it is vital to respect their wishes and establish clear boundaries. Continuing to contact them even after they have explicitly denied contact with you and have mentioned in clear words, “Never Contact Me Again” can escalate their harsh behavior.

However, it is important to understand that narcissistic individuals are skilled manipulators. They may demand that you never contact them again, but then reach out to you themselves later. This can be a way for them to maintain their control even after breaking up with you and also keep you engaged in the relationship.

Therefore, if you want to maintain your self-respect and pride, then you should avoid engaging with them in any form of contact unless absolutely necessary and to keep the interactions as brief and factual as possible.

Will a Narcissist come back even after they have mentioned “Never Contact Me Again” loudly and boldly?

Narcissists linger around you for a while after breaking up to check how you are doing. They never completely cut ties with their exes until they have completely benefitted from them. They do not feel guilty or repent after breaking up but their only fear is the lack of supply. They do tend to keep contact with their exes or even try to be together again after breaking up to satisfy their ego. They want to know how miserable their partner is after they have left them!

Usually, a narcissistic ex-partner would want you back by all means or not cut all ties, but this may differ from person to person.

There are various reasons for a narcissist to come crawling back to you, which are mentioned here, so even though a narcissist breaks up with you they would want to keep you as a backup as their supply source. Though coming back totally depends upon the narcissistic individuals,

  • A narcissist never wants to lose control over you – When a Narcissist loses control over you, they feel empty. A Narcissist is an individual who is excessively obsessed to have control and when they lose control over you they feel something is missing. So they would definitely want to continue the friendship even as exes to gain back their control over you.
  • They always want to keep you as a backup option – A narcissist is always in search of supply, so a Narcissist would always want you to continue as friends even after breaking the relationship as romantic partners, so this depends upon you whether to be their victim again by accepting their offer.
  • They would want to keep a door open for physical intimacy – A Narcissist craves physical intimacy, and when you are the most vulnerable (that is after your break up) they would insist that upon you. They would not tell you this upfront but would try to lure you for physical intimacy as soon as you try to recover from a breakup. They will play all sorts of love tactics to manipulate you and your thoughts just to keep you as an option for intimacy. It also can be like a “Friends with benefits” situation. But once they get what they want to achieve, again they would show their true colors.
  • Lack of closure – Narcissists would just be MIA(Missing in Action) keeping you completely uninformed and they would return as if nothing ever happened and the relationship continues the same way before. They would lure you into believing that you never broke up, which would make you question who dumped whom, or “Is this really happening?”. So make sure you provide them a complete closure or they would be coming back for sure.


When a narcissistic ex tells you to never contact them again, it can be challenging to determine whether or not they mean it. There are several reasons why a narcissist might say this, including their sense of entitlement, fear of abandonment, desire for control and manipulation, and the need to hurt their ex-partner. Understanding these motivations can help you establish boundaries and avoid falling into their behavior traps.

Remember that any engagement with a narcissistic ex can be risky and can cause further harm to your emotional well-being. Therefore, it is best to maintain minimal contact with them, if possible, and seek support from friends, family, or mental health professionals.

Do not be lured by a narcissist once you break up with them. Just recollect all the bitter memories with them before reconciling. Just keep moving forward.

Yes! Breaking up with a narcissist can be a cynical and delusional act, but once you are out there is no going back. Even if they keep on hinting to you about the same.

Trust yourself and all the beautiful emotions that you have regained after breaking up with a narcissist. Also remember that the healing process requires a distance from the narcissist, then and then only you can heal from the narcissistic abuse.

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