What Happens When Two Narcissists Fight? (Conclusion)

What Happens When Two Narcissists Fight? Have you ever come across a narcissist in your life? Initially, you would not be aware of their true nature, but with time you might be shocked and be left with dismay as you cannot do much about it at this point, as they might have become an integral part of your life.

But with time, you might also get sick and tired of bearing all the consequences of the deeds done by the narcissist, and also get fed up with the emotional turmoil you and other members of your family might be facing because of the narcissist.

One narcissist in the family can be a problematic situation in itself, but what if you have more than one narcissist in the family? Or how about everyone in the family who does possess some underlying narcissistic traits? These questions and their answers sound unpleasing or uncomfortable.

But in the scenario when you might not feel burdensome, by being around the narcissist, then the possibility is that you yourself might bear some underlying narcissistic traits. So what happens in such cases when two narcissists clash with each other? What would a narcissist against a narcissist fight look like? Let us get to know further about, “What Happens When Two Narcissists Fight?”.

What happens when there is more than one narcissist in the family?

Imagine a scenario when a narcissist marries a narcissist, a narcissist befriends another narcissist, or a narcissistic mother gives birth to another narcissistic personality! In such scenarios, such a relationship becomes toxic, creating a toxic atmosphere for everyone else around them.

Let us understand the characteristics of a narcissistic individual,

Narcissists always crave attention, admiration, and validation. They have a never-ending urge to prove themselves and fight when someone tries to criticize them or oppose them. They like to create dramatic situations to draw attention, manipulate everyone around them to control them, abuse them to gain benefit from them, and moreover lack empathy thus they are incapable to understand someone else’s viewpoint.

Now imagine the scenario where both these people engaging with each other are narcissists.

That means double drama, double the fights, constant battle to gain attention, adoration and validation from others, constant power struggles to establish their ideologies along with a toxic, abusive, and manipulative atmosphere for everyone around them. Such an atmosphere creates negativity and is unhealthy for everyone.

Having more than one narcissist in the family may constantly spark fights, along with competition to seek admiration, adoration, and validation. A narcissist would lack empathy, for others and thus would not be able to understand the feelings of other members. Both narcissists would try to control each other, and thus to overpower each other, they might also create divisions among family members, which may ultimately create differences among family members.

Narcissists struggle to form healthy relationships with other family members due to the lack of trust and communication and also the inability to understand the feelings and emotions of other family members. Narcissists fail to connect with others at a deeper level thus the relationships they form are shallow. Shallow relationships are often formed on the basis of give and take therefore they include frequent misunderstandings, fights, and a concept of acceptance.

Thus the presence of two or more narcissists in the family can create a dysfunctional family and toxic bonds. Having more than one narcissist in the family can amplify the already existing issues in the family.

Do Narcissists recognize other Narcissists?

A narcissist is someone who is stubborn, competitive, jealous, seeks attention, and requires admiration and validation to navigate smoothly through life or oven day-to-day life sequences. So here comes the real question, whether a narcissist recognizes other narcissists or not? There are two possibilities to obtain answers to this question. Let us know both of them starting with the scenario of a narcissist getting along with another narcissist.

The likeliness of a narcissist getting along with other narcissists

How this can be a possibility you might be wondering the same as narcissists hardly get along or match with others. But according to the law; “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE”, meaning similar things or similar people can vibe with each other easily as they are attracted to each other. Thus according to this law, narcissists are capable of understanding other narcissists as they are well aware of the traits, triggers, and characteristics of other narcissists.

Despite the ultimate fact that narcissists despise competition as they wish to be the only center of attraction wherever they go. But here the catch is different, they do tend to match vibes with other narcissists, also understand them up to a certain extent, and try to cooperate with them in their own ways. But among all these narcissists never misses to prioritize their own needs, wishes, and wants. They would prioritize the other narcissists and also bond with them but only after prioritizing their own needs, wants, and desires.

The unlikeliness of a narcissist getting along with other narcissists

A narcissist has a tendency to check the willingness of others, their level of cooperation, their chances of being a hindrance to them, their like-mindedness or thought processes, their viewpoints about the narcissist, and their ability to compromise before associating with anyone.

Before befriending someone or involving someone in their life, a narcissist filters out people with these key points, and they would hardly find someone with whom they can actually associate. Narcissists make bonds on the basis of their requirements meaning when they need some favor they might befriend a person who can willingly fulfill their favors and then when they start to get close, narcissists might leave them uninformed. Thus narcissistic bonds are not bonds they are transactions. Unless and until they need someone, they might not remember that the other person even exists.

When two narcissists meet each other, it feels like similar personalities are conflicting with other. The situation feels like an episode when two personalities shout out loud “NO MATCH” silently and the unlimited skirmishes make it a situation of an unlikely friendship or unfriendly bonding.

A narcissist bonding with other narcissists is a very unlikely scenario as both of them just demand and do not give. Narcists have a tendency to seek their narcissistic supply in the form of attention, adoration, and validation, so both would be seeking the same thing but from the wrong people. Both have clashing egos, nobody is ready to compromise or let go of anything thus a narcissist bonding with another narcissist without any ulterior motive or the need to obtain something.

A narcissist only befriends someone to seek some advantage from them in the form of a Narcissistic supply. But in this case, both people are narcissists so nobody would be able to give and there would be a lot of quarrels due to lack of understanding and empathy.

What is Narcissistic Supply?

A Narcissistic supply is everything that makes a narcissist fulfilled. Meaning, a narcissist seeks attention, adoration, sympathy, empathy, power, control, validation, and everything that makes them feel special; all these make a narcissist’s life fulfilled and thus they sum up to be a narcissistic supply. Their life is an empty case without their narcissistic supply and thus they are ready to do anything and everything to obtain their narcissistic supply.

Thus narcissists bonding with other narcissists can be an unlikely sight as both of them treat and view each other as threats, dislike each other probably for being so dramatic and demanding, bad mouth one another to gain attention, smear each other’s reputation to gain control of the situation, and also try to be the victim to gain sympathy from others. Thus narcissists befriending another narcissist is supposed to be an ill-fated or unfortunate bond or friendship.

What Happens When Two Narcissists Fight?

Narcisits when clashing with other narcissists the situation becomes very abusive as there is nothing off-limits and no limits to verbal, physical, or emotional abuse. They both struggle to get a hold of power over each other, controlling each other. Gradually the conflict might spark with some silly unlikely topic that can only be converted into a problematic situation by the narcissist.

With narcissists; the smallest of problems might turn into conflicts escalating to rivalries. The whole situation becomes toxic as both individuals just refuse to step down or let go. Narcissists have a preconceived notion of them being always right, superior, smart, and worthy in all situations. They feel that they are entitled to taking advantage of other people and controlling others.

Narcissists hate it when someone tries to prove them wrong or overpower them. They feel that this might be a challenge to their egoistic selves, thus they get aggravated when someone challenges their ego. The fight between two narcissists is just toxic, abusive, and more or less useless as both of them would be fighting over some unnecessary topic creating a huge mess out of it, and even abusing and manipulating along the way.

Narcissism is a personality disorder often characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, a sense of grandiosity, and a never-ending need to seek admiration, adoration, and validation. Narcissists lack empathy thus making it difficult for them to understand other people’s emotional needs.

They believe that they are superior to others and thus they deserve all the attention from others. Thus when two narcissists clash with each other, one of the possible reasons can also be the amount of attention they might be receiving. They feel that only one of them is capable and thus they would fight when the attention is divided between both. According to them, only one can have all, meaning only one person is capable enough to have adoration, attention, validation, and importance.

When two narcissists fight it is not just a simple fight, it is the clash of their egos, their ideologies, and their worth. It is just not a simple fight it gets converted into a much bigger and more problematic situation. The fight between two narcissists is not a simple fight that can be solved by simple solutions, but it is a fight of gaining power, control, and most importantly the desire to prove how strong, charming, and important one is compared to the other one.

When two narcissist clash with each other, they also feel threatened by each other, each other’s dominating personalities, and thus would try to devalue each other from the start of the argument. A fight between narcissists includes a lot of cursing, character assassination, insulting, ill-mouthing, and whatnot. The insults may also include commenting on each other’s looks, life choices, achievements, and anything that one may be proud of.

Everything is fair when two narcissists fight as their fights totally know no limits. They do not spare any kind of insults or verbal abuse, as their ultimate goal is to prove the other person wrong and bring down their worth. The motive of the fight is just to pull down each other and not let anyone feel superior about themselves. Thus a fight between two narcissists is just not worth it and is almost useless. Both narcissists just try to prove their self-worth. Since both parties are just interested in winning rather than bringing in solutions or solving the problems genuinely. The fight ultimately escalates from the main topic to an egoistic argument.

When can two narcissists be observed fighting? – In what situations?

Two narcissists can often be spotted fighting, as a part of an argument between two romantic narcissistic partners, two narcissistic parents fighting over their child, or two friends with underlying narcissism. This is also a common sight at a few business deals and social gatherings that may often include meeting friends, acquaintances, and family members. But this also depends upon two individual personalities, circumstances, and relations with the other person.

In Conclusion

When two narcissists fight it is not just a disagreement or a fight it is a fight between their egoistic personalities trying to overpower each other’s personalities. Such fights never end on a good note, they always end up damaging the relationship or the bond. So if you ever come across two narcissists who are fighting, keep your safe distance as you do not want to make yourself a part of such a toxic and abusive environment.

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