15 Strategies To Make A Narcissist Happy

If you are wondering the same question, “How to make a narcissist happy?”, then here is the article answering your question, with 15 Strategies to Make a Narcissist Happy, that may help rest your worries.

What is a Narcissist?

A narcissist is someone who is often characterized as being extremely self-absorbed. They always prioritize themself and their needs above others. They have a high sense of self-importance. Thus it can be concluded, that narcissists only care for themselves, their needs and desires, and their wishes.

Narcissism is a personality disorder that is a clinically proven mental health illness, which requires a diagnosis to claim someone as a narcissist. Narcissists feel that they are more special and entitled than others and thus they deserve everything in priority and are better than others. Narcissists are completely self-obsessed and always have this superior sense of being great and entitled than others.

Now that we know briefly about narcissists, let us know the answer to one more question that may be popping into your mind, which is “Are Narcissists, generic Happy People?”.

Are Narcissists, generic Happy People?

A piece of research study, published by Queen’s University, one of the renowned research-intensive universities in Belfast the UK suggests that narcissists are less likely to be depressed than people who are not narcissists due to their inflated sense of self-importance.

Narcissists are often described as “Hard-nosed” or “Mentally tough” according to this study as they do not experience any shame, guilt, remorse, or empathy, which makes them less liable to stress caused by other people and thus they can avoid depression as they are so self-confident and self-absorbed. This can make them more susceptible to feeling happy.

Though their happiness might be fleeting and not a long-term fulfillment, Narcissists can be happier as compared to people who are not narcissists.

Would it be easy to make them happy?

This is a conflicting question as for some people it may be easy, but for some, it may be challenging! Narcissists generally remain in a good mood as they are always satisfied with themselves due to a sense of entitlement and self-importance. It would take the same amount of effort as it would take for anyone else to make them happy and be on their good side, as you absolutely cannot afford to make a spot on their hate list.

But make sure to be on their good side by making them happy to avoid chaos and troubles for yourself.

Here are 15 amazing strategies that may help you do so,

15 Strategies To Make A Narcissist Happy

Narcissists generally are happier than others, but if you wish to stay on their good side, you may have to apply the below-mentioned strategies and maintain a good and harmonious relationship with them.

1. Feeding their need for admiration

Narcissists thrive on attention, admiration, and validation. So if you make sure to provide them with what they desire, it would undoubtedly make them happy. If you start acknowledging their accomplishments, compliment their caliber, and notice their talent, it would fuel their esteem.

If you wish to go a long way with the narcissist and have a stable relationship, you may want to make a habit of appreciating them and admiring them. They would be content with you and your efforts and may not have to be a victim of their abuse regularly.

2. Indulge in ego-boosting activities with them

Narcissists have inflated egos. They are self-obsessed beings, so, naturally, they would have a boosted sense of self-esteem or self-importance. So getting involved in activities that may boost their egos, would be a win-win situation for you.

So if you wish to improve your relationship with the narcissist in your life, you may have to get involved in activities that stroke their ego. Participate in what interests them more, something that you commonly enjoy, also something they are expert at, and showcase their talent openly, this would automatically show how much you admire them and thus keep their ego in the right place.

3. Support their Ambitions

Narcisists are in general ambitious and high achievers. They have big dreams and a desire to be the best in whatever they do. So if you can support them in achieving their goals, it will contribute to their happiness.

This does not mean you must leave your ambitions aside and support only theirs, but you can encourage them to pursue their passion, say words of affirmation, and be their cheerleader in the entire journey of hard work. If you provide them with enough encouragement and support, they may see you in a good light and may also treat you equally.

4. Accept their need for perfection

Narcissists are perfectionists, and literally, they are. They are high go-getters and often have success stories to boast about themselves. As they have high dreams and like to show off how great they are, they often indulge themselves in things that may be complimenting their personality.

Their desire to be the perfect being may come as something highly demanding, but if you respect what they wish for, the mere acknowledgment and slow efforts would add up to make them happy.

5. Be their biggest fan

If you do not leave their side even at their lowest, narcissists would view you as their supporter and not a victim. They might even regulate their manipulative behavior around you and you may be their go-to person soon.

Being their biggest fan also would make it easier for you to get through a tough relationship, as narcissistic relationships are usually considered tough.

6. Offer them constructive feedback

Narcissists usually do not encourage it when they are provided with feedback as they have zero tolerance for criticism. But if your feedback is constructive which can ultimately help them in their growth and success, they would appreciate it.

If your feedback is done in a right and gentle manner, the narcissist would appreciate it as it would ultimately help them solve their issues. Thus you are helping them solve their issues, making them happy in a way.

7. Being reliable

If you are someone on whom the narcissist can rely whatever the matter may be, you are already added to their favorites list. They are happy with you without a doubt. Being reliable would ensure their trust. So when they have someone who is well-founded, they will be happy with you.

8. Avoid public criticism

Narcissists are allergic to criticism and public criticism would be a big no-no for you. Yes, it is understandable, that their actions can be criticism-worthy, but public criticism would damage their ego. If you have concerns and criticisms, the suggestion would be that you address them privately and not in a public setting.

If you wish to stay away from trouble, be happy and keep them happy as well, and keep the relationship on a positive track, avoid criticizing the narcissist publically.

9. Empathize with their insecurities

Narcissists put on a tough guy act, whereas, in reality, they have deep-rooted insecurities that they always conceal to not make them look vulnerable. So when you are empathetic toward them, this act of yours will strengthen your bond and keep them happy.

Displaying emotions is not a narcissist’s thing, as they wish to protect their grandiosity by acting tough and accomplished, but who does not have insecurities? Thus if you empathize with them on their vulnerabilities they would be happy as a lark.

10. Depend on them

This does not mean you should not be self-reliant, of course, but when you depend on them for certain things this would make them feel powerful, and also light up their ego, as they would shine and showcase the fact that they are all-rounders and you can depend on them.

Also, narcissists like it when people depend on them because those people would completely focus on the narcissist, and narcissists love attention. Thus you are making them happy by being dependent.

11. Be mindful of their feelings and emotions

Narcissists always act tough on the outside but are fake and hollow from within. They do not know how to express themselves emotionally. But they often have openly displayed feelings through which they expect to be understood and supported.

Being mindful of their feelings would allow you to avoid chaos in the relationship, harmonizing peace and happiness.

12. Showering them with compliments

Who does not like being complimented? But narcissists like it more as it boosts their inflated self-importance. If you offer them sincere appreciation, praise their demeanor, and keep their self-esteem aligned.

But remember that narcissists are sharp-witted beings, and they can sniff fake praise, so remember to be genuine with your words here. Thus if you wish to make them happy, do not forget to shower them with compliments.

13. Allow them to be in control

The suggestion here is not to be entirely controlled, but to allow them to control certain parts of your life, which may be problematic for you but may be a piece of cake for them.

Narcissists are characterized by a strong desire to control others, due to a lack of empathy. Controlling others and overpowering them are such toxic traits that narcissists or anyone who is controlling may implement over others. Thus narcissism and control go hand in hand.

Narcissists thrive by controlling others. Their greatest fear is losing control. So if you let them take the lead and allow them to make certain decisions for you, this may satisfy their ego.

14. Validating them

When you validate them, it shows that you are interested in them, their stories, and their life. Validating their thoughts, feelings and certain behaviors may encourage them to express themselves more positively and would make them feel heard.

15. Offer them with competitive opportunities

Narcissists like accepting challenges, and also love completion. When you provide them a chance to showcase their skills and outshine others, this would satisfy their challenging side and make them feel contented when they win by proving their worth.

In Conclusion

Making a narcissist may seem a challenging task for a few people and it may be easy for some, but one thing is assured keeping them happy and contented would make your life easier.

If you employ the above-mentioned techniques, the task of keeping them happy may become easy for you. Keeping them happy can make it easy for you to navigate relationships with narcissistic personalities.

Ella Carrillo

Ella Carrillo

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