Narcissists And Good Morning Texts: 7 Ways To Handle Them

Narcissists And Good Morning Texts may seem like an obnoxious weave of actions, but yes narcissists can and do send good morning texts while they have some nasty hidden agendas behind them.

This article is all about how narcissists engage in the simple act of sending “Good Morning Texts” with masked agendas that may or may not be mean and spiteful. What can a text mean more than its actual meaning? A text is generally used to exchange information, gestures, or emotions virtually. But with narcissists in the picture, what can a simple text be more than just a text?

Yes, when you are associated with a narcissist, a mere text can have multiple meanings and agendas behind them. Narcissists use texting as a tool to manipulate their victims, along with using them as a way to intimidate their victims or even as a way to control people around them.

Narcissistic tendencies may lead them to seek admiration, adoration, and validation through people by all means possible which may also include texting, but the crucial part here is to understand their motives behind doing so.

We will find out the reasons why a narcissist might use these texts, the emotional impact those texts might leave on the receiver, and ways to handle these text messages sent by narcissists tactfully.

Narcissists And Good Morning Texts: How To Handle Them?

A virtuous good morning text can lighten up your mood instantly and also help to get the right start to the day. A good morning text might provide motivation, hope, and will to do better, be better, and conduct better.

If the good morning text is from a person who holds great importance in your life, then it may make your connection and bond even stronger. Good morning texts are often received from friends, lovers, partners, family, or loved ones. But when the sender is a narcissist the entire purpose, meaning, and use of the good morning text changes.

Let us know why narcissists might send good morning texts, how they implement this tactic to get what they want, and the impact those texts may leave on the recipient.

Why Do Narcissists Use Good Morning Texts?

Narcissists use good morning texts to manipulate their victims of target and establish control over them. There are a few potential reasons why a narcissist might use good morning texts to manipulate others,

Validation of Self-Worth

Good Morning may serve as a form of validation for the self-worth of narcissists. They have this tendency to feel satisfied, validated, and worthy when they receive affirmations from other people. This boosts a narcissist’s grandiose image and provides proof of their self-worth.

Creating Dependency

Narcissists control their victims by creating emotional dependency. Consistent good morning texts may condition the victim or recipient to expect a text from the narcissist and be reliant on them to secure emotional support in the form of affirmations.

These texts may get converted into habits making it more difficult for the receiver to maintain a distance from the narcissist over the time.

Seeking attention

By sending a good morning text to the recipient, the narcissists make sure that they are the first thought in their victim’s mind and thus they wish to remain in the wee memories and actions of that person.

Their task of sending a message gets accomplished when the recipient’s reactions are directed positively toward the narcissist. This feeds and boosts their ego and makes them feel special.

Establishing Control

Initiating contact the very first thing in the morning allows the narcissists to be in charge and in control of the situations and people. A good morning text as a gesture is enough to prove the care that they seem to express without really caring.

This gesture of sending good morning may serve half the purpose of proving how caring, loving, and genuinely empathetic a person they are. They just wish to receive adoration and attention from the recipient.

How Narcissists Use Good Morning Texts for Manipulation?

Narcissists have many manipulative tactics up their sleeve and this is one of their tactics to keep their victims connected to them without making many efforts. Let us know a few more ways they may use good morning texts for manipulation,

Flattery and Charm

Narcissists have a way with words and they may often make their texts equally sweet and spicy by using the right amount of compliments, sweet words, flattering remarks, and praises to make the recipient feel special.

This way they ensure that their victim feels valued, and special. This is just a calculated move of the narcissist and may also include exaggerated and coaxing vocabulary.

Emotional Manipulation

Narcissists are skilled manipulators, who can evoke and extract all kinds of emotions in the form of responses that may include guilt, sympathy, envy, control, or compassion.

Consistent Contact

Narcissists play a very calculated and sharp-witted game of maintaining regular contact with their victims and texts seem to be one of the most appropriate ways to do so with minimal effort. Thus they foster a pattern of sending good morning texts that may help them establish a grip over their victims and garner attention.

Selective Timimg

Narcissists have strategic planning to lure their victims that starts with right from a good morning text to meeting them and working their magic on them.

They may also target the vulnerability of their victims so that they become the support system for them. This perfectly timed morning text allows them to exploit them emotionally.

Emotional impacts of a good morning text from the narcissist on the recipient

Good morning texts may hold the ability to emotionally manipulate and impact the recipient in different ways,


The victims of narcissistic abuse may be left isolated as the narcissists try to be the only source of support, affirmation, and validation in their lives.


Connecting through social media and texting is a well-planned tactic used by narcissists to make their victims emotionally dependent on them, influencing their entire existence and way of life.


The gut is always right. In the same way, the victims may smell that something is fishy in the relationship with the narcissist, but their sweet gestures like a good morning text keep them confused.

Anxiety and Stress

Narcissists may create a toxic loop by sending multiple texts if the recipient fails to respond at once. They try to create this unbearable pressure on their victims that may make the victims anxious and stressed.

How to handle and respond to the Good Morning Texts from a Narcissist?

There are ways in which you can handle a narcissist and their abuse, by tactfully handling them,

Limiting your availability

Being available constantly by immediately replying to them even without sparing a moment may give them a sense that they are the most important person in your life and that you may do everything for them.

limit your access to them by providing delayed replies, or occasionally replying at least when you are engaged with something. This ensures your boundaries.

Do not fall for flattery

All those praises, affirmations, and flattering comments can often be fake and just be used by the narcissist to manipulate their victims. Thus be prepared and cautious of all the flattery coming your way through texts, especially morning texts.

Set clear communication time

Establishing or allocating a fixed time slot to chat and communicate with the narcissist may help you establish strong boundaries and this may also be time-saving. This ensures that narcissists simply do not have access to you all the time.

Keeping it Brief

Responding to a narcissist becomes a task especially if you are not precise, witty, and accurate with the words that you may use to reply to them. Prefer sending short texts over long replies that may disconnect or not be encouraging for further communication.

What Does A Narcissist Think When You Do not Answer Their Text Messages?

Delay Your Responses

Delaying your response may serve a dual purpose for you. First, it may not allow you to fall victim to their vicious cycle of compulsive replying and may not disconnect you from the work that you may be engaged with at the time.

Second, it may allow you to frame perfect and precise replies that may either turn into small talk or not engage in any more communication further.

Staying Neutral

A neutral, calm, and stoic tone may allow you to not fall into the trap of manipulative, abusive, and toxic conversation with the narcissist. You can avoid all the emotional drama by providing neutral, emotion-free responses.

Consider Blocking or Muting

If daily texts from the narcissists start to feel like an uninvited burden then you always have the option to block or mute their chat. Getting such manipulative texts the first thing in the morning may be overwhelming and harm your mental health adversely. Prioritize your emotional and mental well-being.

Final Thoughts

Receiving daily good morning texts from the narcissists may start to feel like an uninvited burden. It may also drain you emotionally and harm your well-being.

But remember you also hold equal power in a relationship. Just simply imply the ways to handle their texts that are mentioned above and you are good to go.

Remember the power to escape a situation with the narcissist lies within you, so be strong and do not allow them to control your life. Take the control within your reach and in your hands.

Ella Carrillo

Ella Carrillo

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