How to Make a Narcissist Addicted to You?: 10+ Tested Ways

How to Make a Narcissist Addicted to You? One thing you need to remember here to turn the tables on a narcissist is that Narcissists are not your typical partners and need much more than your average efforts to make them addicted to you and also make them more interested in the relationship.

At this point, you might be wondering if you might be the biggest manipulator to manipulate the narcissist to make them addicted. So do you really need to be a manipulative person? No! Take a sigh as you do not need to be manipulative just to play with a narcissist’s mind, just using your witty side of the mind, you can trick the narcissist into making them addicted to you.

Many questions would be rising in your mind right now like, “Why do you need to make a narcissist addicted to you?”, “Is it even possible to lure in the narcissist and make them addicted to you or obsessed with you?” or “Would a narcissist love you more if they are addicted to you?” the article might guide the answers to these questions further.

How to Make a Narcissist Addicted to You?

Be confident

Confidence is what draws a narcissist’s attention and keeps them hooked to such people as they themselves lack self-esteem. The best way to draw attention is by holding your head, having straight shoulders that exert confidence, and making eye contact.

The most important factor is making direct eye contact. A non-directive eye contact kills your charm there. Thus walking into the room with confidence and making direct and bold introductions might be the first step to drawing attention. Even if you don’t feel confident you can fake it until you can make it.

At this point, a narcissist might try to devalue you as you are stealing the spotlight from them, but do not worry they are just making an attempt to make you feel lesser than them and lower your confidence. But remember here, it has nothing to do with you and it is all on them. So just keep your head high and slay.

Don’t fall for their charms

There are these stages of dating a narcissist, which includes,

The Idealization Phase – This is the phase where love bombing begins. Attraction or Idealization is the step where they spot you and grab your attention. They would make you feel so special and out of the world, that you would think, you have found the love of your life. This is until they feel they have successfully hooked you into the relationship.

The Devaluing Phase – The Devaluation phase begins as soon as a narcissist is able to completely lure you in. Once they gain your complete trust, this is when they start playing with your feelings and thoughts by using their manipulative tactics.

The Discard Phase – This is the phase where they get disinterested in you and leave you.

So if you want to make the narcissists addicted to you, the trick here is to be at the initial or the love bombing phase as long as you can. this can be achieved by being unbothered and tranquil by their gallantry.

No matter what they do, or buy for you, do not act like a fool in love, just try to be unbothered as much as so that the narcissist may always try to put in more effort and are hooked to the love bombing phase for the maximum amount of time.

The only way they can play you is when they are aware of your next move, so be discreet as much as possible and do not reveal much about yourself. Keep things private as much as possible, this way they would be intrigued by you and would be drawn to you.

This may also frustrate them, as narcissists do not like to make efforts for someone else. They might even throw tantrums stating commend like, “Do not play hard to get”. When you feel that tye is frustrated, take them by surprise by making a flirty comment, “Yes sweety(wink), I do know that”, blowing a kiss at them, and this would leave them startled. Do not express so much when they make their efforts, and just startle them with a few reactions in such situations, and here you have them hooked.

Create as much drama as possible

Narcissists do not like basic people, they always prefer someone who is extra as they themselves are always trying to be extra. They love it when someone tries to create drama, catch attention, try to be on the edge, or someone argumentative. Narcissists like to be around people who create drama and grab attention as they may help them to get some attention themselves.

Narcissists are more likely to pay attention to someone and also stick around when they feel that the person is unpredictable and mysterious. Try to create catastrophic situations where they do not know your next move. Notice the narcissist and even their smallest action. Creating drama would succumb their attention and make them addicted to you as they would always be intrigued to know your next step.

Act as if the narcissist does not exist for you

Attention is what keeps the narcissist thriving. They love all sorts of attention, especially from their potential victims or narcissistic supply providers. Narcissists usually enjoy the chase and the adrenaline rush that one gets through the initial phase of the relationship. They like the feeling that they get when they are chasing their victim’s attention.

Narcissists would like to put in all the hard work just to get attentiveness from you when you are still being pursued by them. One more reason to pretend as if the narcissist does not exist around you is to make them feel competitive as they hate to lose. They do not like to lose their victims and they might get attracted to you the longer you ignore their existence around you.

Hang out with other people, especially your friends

Narcissists and jealousy go hand in hand, especially when they’re trying to lure you into a relationship.

Narcissists easily get jealous and overprotective of you when they find you giving your attention to people other than them. They would not like the idea of sharing you with others. So when you show them that you also have a life outside of the relationship with them, they would be compelled to know more about it and also be a part of it, thus they would end up spending more time with you. You can thus grab their attention and keep them obsessed with you and your happening life.

Narcissists would immediately be focused on you the minute they feel that you are more committed to your family, friends, or your social circle and you are not providing them enough time. They would make it a mission to either involve themselves with your interests or isolate you. Either way, you would get their sole attention and thus you may grab a chance here to make them addicted to you.

Change your plan at the last minute

When you be spontaneous and cancel the plan that you made with the narcissist at the last moment that is what taking control of the moment feels like that. Narcissists usually do so when they wish to gain control of the situation, so this time you try that and make them lose control of you and establish your power.

Though this has a fifty-fifty chance to work out, as sometimes they might get frustrated or this might impress a little, just enough to keep them hooked, as they feel that they have a good competition in the form of you. Narcissists love competition and it is a known fact.

Put effort into your appearance, as appearance appeals to them

Try to look your best and present your best version to them. Doing this may immediately hook the narcissist on you, as narcissists care about the appearance and beauty of a person. Narcissists are more likely to judge you by the way you look as they are more interested in a person’s exterior appearance rather than their interior or inner beauty. if you wish to impress narcissists and make them obsessed with you, then try to look your best or even better than them if possible.

Narcissists get easily attracted to someone who is well-groomed, than someone average-looking person. Always dress in the best possible way, and pay attention to your clothes. Doing this would make the narcissist more confident about you and they would like it to be seen with you. You can also approach wearing something that may make you look like a couple or clothes that are complimentary to the narcissist’s outfit.

Break up with them first

When you break up with the narcissist or make them seem uninteresting, then the narcissist would get anxious and curious as to what made you leave them. If you break off with them in the initial stages of the relationship that is the idealization phase or the love bombing phase of the relationship, then this action of yours might leave them perplexed seeking a way to get your attention or lure you back into the relationship.

But here it is important that you leave them in the idealization phase, as they would not care if you break off first during the devaluing phase as they already are planning to devalue you and then discard you.

Make sure you break off with them while they are trying to lure you or idealize you. This may make them addicted to you and the sort of attention that you might have provided through love bombing in the initial dating phase.

Let them control you a little

You can easily win a narcissist’s heart by just providing a little control. They can easily be lured in just by providing them control of situations and look them getting hooked onto you. They enjoy manipulating people and especially their victims. Allow them to make small decisions like, allowing them to decide what should you wear, where should you go for a date, how should you communicate with them, and all such small things.

When the narcissist takes the bait by controlling you, just dismiss their opinion by pretending as if you no longer care for what they have to say. Just wait and look them go a little paranoid as they hate to lose control. They would do anything to gain their control back, and thus they might get addicted to you in the process of doing so.

Tell them that they cannot live without you

Narcissists have a tendency to make you dependent on them, but instead, you take control and make them dependent on you. Start by doing small things first, like cleaning, folding their laundry, or just running random errands for them.

Do this for a while, until they get dependent on you and start calling you in every now and then. Then suddenly stop doing this by giving excuses and making them realize how dependent they have become on you. Make them realize that their life cannot function smoothly without your existence in it.

Make them feel useless, and they might simply get impressed by your audacity in some cases, or they might start feeling helpless and run to you in some cases.

Play hot and cold

Playing hot and cold means, initially giving them a hint that you are badly interested in them by laughing at their jokes, seeking interest in their likes and dislikes, paying attention to their little details, trying to be flirty, and giving them signals that any minute you might agree to date them. These are hot responses.

Once you feel that you have finally convinced the narcissist and they are now into you and enjoying the attention they are getting due to your flirty signs, immediately withdraw and start ignoring them. This will leave the narcissist wanting more of you, craving your presence, and missing your company. This can make them approach you and obsess over you in no time. This is called the cold response. This pattern of gaining attention is known as playing hot and cold. By repeatedly doing this, you might be able to make them addicted to you.

Show them your worth

Narcissists love things that can enhance their grandiose image. So they love people who are worthy, valuable or hold power and importance. This can be a way to catch a narcissist’s attention by flaunting your influence and status. But it is also true that narcissists consider themselves superior and would not see other people’s worth.

In such cases, to keep them interested in you, make influential moves that can display your worth and make them see who you are actually. Influential moves involve, flaunting your new high-profile job may be, posting pictures of you with your influential social group or anyone that might seem prominent to them, or any newly recruited talent. Narcissists would be hooked on you if they know how worthy and influential you are and also might add to their grandiose image. They would be able to flaunt you to others too.

Encourage them to change

Start by pointing out their negative behavior or the way they treat you. Ask them to change their ways towards positivity. This might hurt their pride a little as they think of themselves as perfectionists. Try making them insecure about their own ways of conducting life, and also state how unimpressed you are with them.

You might soon notice the behavior shift, as narcissists do not give up when it comes to luring their victims and obtaining their narcissistic supply. They would work harder to please you by changing their behavior.

Final Thoughts

Here, right here everything is just summoned up for you to impress the narcissist in life and make them addicted to you.

Most importantly just remember here, this is going to take a lot more effort than you might have imagined. This will take up a lot of energy, time, and also resources. Narcissists are not your average target and thus it is hard to please them in order to make them addicted to you. As you have decided now to impress them win them over and make them addicted, just buckle up and start making efforts.

Ella Carrillo

Ella Carrillo

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