How To Break A Narcissist’s Heart? (Working Methods)

How to Break a Narcissist’s Heart? When you have dated a narcissist, and had your heart broken in one or the other way, you feel like doing the same with them. When you have been discarded by the narcissist, or when you had to face incidents that had your heart broken due to the narcissist, then you also feel like doing the same with them. You are probably left with emotions like anger, betrayal, or frustration which is pretty much normal in such a scenario.

But then the question arises, “Should you break a narcissist’s heart?” or “Is it advisable to do so?”. Let us find the answer to the question, “How to Break a Narcissist’s Heart?” further in this article. This article will help you to go ahead and move on from the narcissist’s nasty break up, also help to seek revenge and lead an amazing guilt-free life forward.

How to Break a Narcissist’s Heart?

In such cases when you are heartbroken, seeking revenge seems to be the best option. If you really are strong-willed and can move on with an open heart without seeking revenge then it is a better option as it is always the best to approach situations with empathy and understanding. However, in cases where you are extremely hurt and cannot move forward in life without getting back at the narcissist who has hurt you up to greater extents than seeking revenge by breaking the narcissist’s heart seems to be an appropriate option at least to seek closure, get healed from the narcissistic trauma and also move on with life happily.

Here below we will be discussing some working ways or methods to handle a narcissist, seek revenge by breaking a narcissist’s heart and also move on in life easily.

1. Focus on the healing process from all the narcissistic abuse that you have faced

Once you heal from all the trauma, you are no longer accessible to the narcissist ever again. Emotional, Mental, and physical Healing becomes very important when you depart ways with a narcissist.

A narcissistic relationship tends to deteriorate your mental, physical, and emotional health along with decreasing your confidence, willpower to live, and the simple joys of life. And simple self-healing is enough to make the narcissist restless and also enough to break a narcissist’s heart as they would not be able to see how strong you have become with the healing. They just cannot bear the fact that all their manipulation is wearing off and they can no longer access you once you have healed from all the trauma that they put you through.

Why is Emotional and Mental Healing important?

  • Emotional and Mental healing is important for stabilizing the beneficial behavior for the emotional and mental well-being of society.
  • It can enhance mental stability, productivity, and confidence and improves relationships.
  • Helps to cope with stress.
  • It increases work productivity.
  • It helps in maintaining healthy relationships.
  • It helps in maintaining balance in life.
  • It enhances self-esteem, self-worth, and positivity in life.
  • It helps eradicate stress, depression, and negativity from life.

2. Cut off all contact with them

Not being able to reach you is a big turn-off moment for a narcissist. So use this opportunity to your benefit. When you feel you cannot take a narcissist anymore or need proper closure for all the trauma that you have faced because of them, then just go no contact or block them. When you want to gain your freedom from the claws of the narcissist or break the narcissist’s heart, that is when you follow the “NO CONTACT” rule, which exactly means,

The “NO CONTACT” rule is your way of saying “Just Not anymore” to the narcissistic abuse, the violence if in case, the manipulative tactics, and being used as a pawn. It is difficult or almost impossible to win against a narcissist through words, or with fights or verbal arguments, but you can win by going wordless, contactless, and reachless. This is how you fight against a narcissist by no-contact revenge when you are totally done with them.

Going No Contact with a narcissist includes no physical contact,

  • No contacting or staying in touch
  • No calls, texts, and no connections through social media
  • No casual meetups or encounters
  • No more being friends with them
  • No more exchanging gifts
  • Not even meeting them through the mutual social group or gatherings or even family

In short, the “NO CONTACT” rule is staying aloof from all places, people, and things that may eventually end up in chances of meeting or connecting with the narcissist. It is like ghosting them. Going no-contact is very much similar for that matter.

3. Set firm boundaries to protect yourself

Narcissists tend to have a sense of entitlement and take advantage of other people’s weaknesses. Therefore they may always try to push other people’s boundaries and manipulate them. So another important step in dealing with a narcissist while breaking their heart is to set up clear and firm boundaries. This means being clear about what you will and will not tolerate from the narcissist. It is important to communicate these boundaries clearly, both verbally and in writing, and to stick to them consistently.

Drawing clear boundaries would ensure that a narcissist has no longer control over you & your money and that you can ask them to behave the way you want. This also means gaining back all the power that they just had suppressed or ignored.

What does setting boundaries mean?

  • It means you can ask a narcissist not to call you anymore, you can block them, you can move on without their consent, and by stating clearly that they should keep their distance from you and that they have no control over you.
  • The main step is taking your power back while setting boundaries. Narcissists can be demanding and take up a lot of your time and energy.
  • Setting boundaries means defining what sort of behaviors are acceptable, and what actions are not acceptable, and making it clear what all practices are acceptable and unacceptable.

Setting boundaries helps you protect your time, space, and mental health. Narcissists tend to cross boundaries frequently. Being firm and assertive about your limits and holding them accountable if they violate them is also one of the best to set boundaries. You can save yourself from the narcissist blaming you to be a narcissist by holding up your guard by making firm boundaries.

4. Steer clear or be attentive to all the love bombing that you might receive in future

Love bombing is an act to secure the attention, of a beloved someone by showering them with an obscure amount of gifts, affection, and acclamations. It is a manipulation tactic in the initial stages of meeting someone to secure a relationship with them to get control, hold, and a strong hand in the relationship.

Love bombing is usually used by narcissists when they cheat or find their partner moving away. Love bombing seems toxic and it is toxic as love bombers have the purpose of controlling the relationship and holding a strong foot in the relationship. It is all about gaining control and being the upper hand in a relationship.

Narcissists jump to love bombing as soon as they discover that you are slipping away from their grip. Thus they might do everything in their power to get you back whether it is by showering excessive love, gifts, and attention. But if you are well aware of the love-bombing technique well in advance, then you can just skip all that and save yourself from the fake emotions. So steering clear or being attentive to all the love bombing that you might receive in the future may save you entirely from all the fake emotions, convincing, and manipulation.

5. Flaunt how happy you are or you feel without them in your life

Showing a narcissist how happy you are without them can just set their mood off or might even make them a little sad too. Proving that you are happy without them can intimidate a narcissist making them annoyed. Narcissists totally envy that you are happy without them. They feel that they are losing their importance in your life. They are scared that you can also be independently happy without them.

How two flaunt your happiness to a narcissist without putting in much effort?

  • Posting about your happy life on social media through photographs would leave a narcissist wondering and pissed.
  • Try to flaunt your happiness by appreciating your life, your other friends, and all the blessings you have that exclude them.
  • Socialize with other people as much as possible and do not forget to post about that on any social media platform, as narcissists make sure to check out profiles of all their exes for whom they still have lingering feelings.
  • Meet new people, make new friends, or even try to move on from the previous relationship to a new and better relationship if you are comfortable.

These actions can totally set off the mood of the narcissist and can even make them feel left out or abandoned.

6. Do not give in

Narcissists always try to lure in their exes or someone they have just dumped or discarded when they need them. Remorse, repentance, change, guilt, or forgiveness are mere words for a narcissist. They would be acting all gullible and would show repentance after you break up with them, but it is just until you come back into their life. They do not have any sense of dejection after your break up. They would just show that they are having trouble moving on and are repentant, but it is all an act.

Do not give in to their manipulative tactics, be firm about your decision and just forget that they ever existed in your life also make sure to mention this on a loop to the narcissist, which will prove that you no longer want them, and have completely moved on in life. This will definitely hurt their pride and make them sad even if for a while.

7. Talking to other people and making new friends

When you make new friends or meet new people a narcissist would be unhappy about it, as they just want to isolate you and keep you just for themselves. So meeting new friends, seeking help from others, or talking to new people would piss them off. For instance, if you two are acquainted with the same workplace, then you could ask other people to help you out or talk to others when they are watching would freak them out.

8. Deny them whatever they want

“No” is the word that a narcissist cannot take. Do not fulfill any of their requests, or run no more errands for them. Be straightforward and do not hesitate to say a firm no. Thus saying no is very important for you to live peacefully.

When a narcissist is denied something, they may become furious, manipulative, defensive, and also may become vengeful. They may also lash out with rage or would seek revenge whenever they might get a chance. They may devalue the person denying them to regain a sense of power or control. They may also try gaslighting the other person. Overall denying a narcissist may cause a narcissistic injury as a narcissist might not have expected a no from the other person. Denying them may hurt their ego and pride.

9. Ignore all the manipulative tactics

Narcissists would lure your attention by putting an argument. They would want to aggravate you by making unreasonable arguments and blaming you for all that. This is one of their tactic of blameshifting, which they would use to just lure your attention to them. Narcissists often demand attention and praise. Refuse to give them what they want, and redirect the conversation or just ignore them entirely.

Remember that a narcissist’s manipulative tactics are not your fault. They are simply trying to fulfill their own needs and desires at your expense. Stay calm and do not let their behavior affect your self-esteem.

10. Be ready to confront whenever you feel so

When you discover that someone close to you is suffering from NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), the first thing you think of is to tell them or confront them and heal yourself through their repentance. But is it even possible? Should you confront a narcissist about this? You would wish to get justification for all the miseries that you have suffered because of the narcissist. Vilifying a narcissist’s toxic behavior is important so that they also get a taste of their bitter deeds, is what you feel, but that sounds a little far-fetched as expecting repentance through confrontation is not a narcissist’s cup of tea.

Narcissists hate confrontations and thus to seek your revenge you can make them a little worked up. Sometimes you need to act against a narcissist when you are done with their constant manipulation and try to confront them at some excellent timing. By doing so you might feel content for a while and also may feel happy.

How to move on from a Narcissist?

Breaking up with a narcissist can be extremely tough, nerve-wracking, and emotionally draining. If you are in a toxic relationship where your partner is a narcissist, then it becomes extremely important to prioritize your own emotional and mental well-being. Breaking up with a narcissist can be challenging as they often try to manipulate or guilt-trip their partner into staying.

So it becomes extremely important to have a thorough break up with a narcissist with a proper closure. Breaking up or ending things with a narcissist might include chaos, a lot of manipulation, and criticism, and ultimately it can be a pretty tricky process. So to retain your peace of mind, here are a few successful ways to easily move on from a narcissist.

Working on your self-confidence, your goals, and mental peace in mental health aspects.

Exercise more, take a proper diet, and build up your physical health.

Do not let anyone bring down your confidence and self-love. Narcissists have a tendency to ruin the definition for you, but find the meaning of love again by seeking help.

Connect with nature, adopt a pet, or find new people to connect with.

Focus on your own well-being and take care of yourself.

Avoid the narcissists’ negativity and toxicity by engaging in activities that make you happy and fulfilled.

Connect with friends and family who understand the narcissist’s behavior and can offer you emotional support. Therapy can also be helpful in dealing with post-relationship trauma.


Breaking a narcissist’s heart is not a healthy approach or a solution to the problem. Instead, focus on protecting yourself and setting clear boundaries. Be assertive but calm, limit your exposure to the narcissist, and always consider seeking professional help whenever needed. There is no shame in seeking therapy or opening up to someone regarding the issues in your life. Remember that you have control over your own well-being, and it is important to prioritize it above everything else.

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