How Do Narcissists Fake Their Normalcy? – Unmasking The Narcissist

How do Narcissists fake their Normalcy? If you know someone who always hides behind a mask of perfection and being pleasant but is indeed toxic and imperfect, then here is a sign to make certain how they do it!

This person may or may not be a clinically diagnosed narcissist, but might possess certain narcissistic traits that may be enabling them to hide their true toxic selves behind a mask of harmless individuals.

In most cases, such people turn out to be narcissists. Narcissists are ace manipulators and their skill is unbeatable. They can easily adapt to being normal, non-toxic, and dependable beings, but in reality, they are not. They often mask their barbaric behavior behind the disguise of a sweet, charming, and desirable individual. They do this to hide their ill or true intentions and defend their personality traits.

It is often observed that narcissist hide their abnormality so perfectly that they might come across as some of the most genuine beings when you meet them initially. But for how long can someone’s negative personality remain behind the veils? Not for long.

Let us know the narcissist briefly,

A narcissist is someone who is often characterized by the trait of being extremely self-absorbed. They hardly think about others. They always prioritize their self and their needs above others. They have a high sense of self-importance, so much so that they might even ignore their, partner, children, or even parents. Thus it can be concluded, that narcissists only care for themselves, their needs and desires, and their wishes.

Narcissists fake it to be normal, as they have the desire to conceal their real selves from society. To function smoothly and justify their traits they chose to hide their toxic persona and highlight that which is considered normal in terms of society. Thus this article discusses how narcissists delve into projecting themselves as normal and fake their entire personalities,

How Do Narcissists Fake Their Normalcy? – Unmasking The Narcissist

Narcissists are skilled at mimicking genuine emotions, feelings, and socially acceptable behavior. They spend their lives imitating emotions that they genuinely do not feel. Thus they ace these skills of faking that their entire personality becomes void, meaning they cannot reciprocate genuine emotions.

Thus they can fool anyone even with their eyes closed in terms of make-believe emotional connection. But even narcissists cannot hold up their masks for longer, and they unmask themselves to people who are closest to them. They allow their vulnerable self to interact with those with whom they have a close relationship.

Here are some ways observed by experts in which narcissists try to prove their normalcy just to fit in socially,

Narcissists fake Empathy

There is a myth about narcissists that they have no empathy. This might be not accurate and be a bold declaration, however, it can be true that narcissists have a lean scope for empathy or have limited empathy reserved for only those people with whom they have some intention. They are extremely selective and reserved while displaying their vulnerability and empathetic side.

Someone who may be a threat to the narcissist’s high-end image or simply attention seeking, or grabbing the spotlight becomes an immediate threat to the narcissist. The empathy that narcissists possess is often self-centric or desire-driven. These desires may emerge from their need to attain attention, control, or admiration.

They wish to exploit other people’s empathetic sides to gain power and give action to their ill agendas.

They may display fake empathy when they might have hurt someone deeply. But remember this empathy is insincere so do not get carried away with it. They may be displaying fake emotions to seek forgiveness and restore their good and positive self-image.

For instance,

They may be empathetic towards an animal or an elder person, because they may not be a threat to their grandiose self-image, but they would never help an overachiever or someone who gives them a neck-to-neck competition.

They disguise their true intentions

The narcissist may be their true selves when they successfully disguise their true intentions with insincere half-hearted feelings and efforts to keep the relationship going. They are more experienced at hiding their true intentions than being true to themselves.

Sometimes they may wait to do something incorrectly just to begin the war of words. They wait for others to pinpoint them when they do something wrong and pounce on them with innumerable excuses to start and stretch the fight. They like to argue especially when they are pinpointed. This boosts their self-worth.

This being two-faced, is a core personality for the narcissist.

For instance,

They may be making negative comments against their boss at the workplace with other colleagues, but in reality, they want their job and would behave differently with their boss. They might even go against their colleagues and flatter their bosses just to keep their position or gain a promotion at work.

They Re-write History

Narcissists would intricately rewrite their history by going out of the way for themselves and acting more sophisticated and normal so that they are socially acceptable.

For instance,

When you have a narcissistic partner, you would be burdened by all responsibilities for both of you in the relationship. As they would never be helping you or standing up for you. But whenever this topic is ignited or you two may have a conversation even with a third person in the picture, they would change the narrative of the statement by stating that they were always patient with you and were helpful. It is you who might have missed it.

They would fake their act of kindness

When the narcissist fears that people may be onto them for behaving in some manner, they immediately change the scene by pulling an act of being super kind like an angel.

But their display of being kind is different. They may get you expensive presents, help you with chores, or do something out of the box when they have been hostile to someone. They may be kind to the people they have always been rude and hostile with.

But remember that this is not a genuine display of kindness as they may switch the very next day into their old toxic selves.

For instance,

When they feel they have been hostile with someone continuously and when that person is about to expose them, they would turn into this saintly being going out of the way to help that person. They would be kind, sweet, and generous with them for a while. But once the matter is settled they may return to being toxic and abusive.

The narcissist may call You crazy

Narcissists are so expert at gaslighting others that people may even start doubting their sanity around them. They may call their friends or family “CRAZY” when they try to expose the narcissist.

You may feel in your gut that their behavior is wrong but their actions speak otherwise. They are too good sometimes and can be extremely toxic sometimes. But the moment you confront this you are the bad guy who is crazily blaming the innocent narcissist. They can switch into different personalities really quickly.

They mirror other people’s behavior

To leave an appealing impression, the narcissist resorts to mirroring other people’s behavior, emotions, words, and characteristics. They would do this often while dealing with people who have a high status or are accomplished.

They would copy their actions, and words and even change their conduct according to the atmosphere. Their sham conduct would simply be applied to impress and lure others into their lives. They may copy fashion, mannerisms, demeanor, and even lifestyle.

Narcissists are always in search of people who appreciate them, adore them, and validate them for who they are. Thus they would appear charming and lure people to victimize them. One of their many charms is mirroring.

They would impress you with words you like, their likes and dislikes would match yours, and they would be pretending to understand you in a way that nobody else could making a comfortable atmosphere for you to be impressed by their mirroring techniques. But do not fall into their charms as their behavior would just be temporary until they impress you.

They are Ace Actors

Narcissists are so genuine when they act just to prove themselves as the person they are not. They act to be nice and dependable since childhood and by the time they age, they would have mastered the act of being nice just to be socially acceptable.

Their fake selves would include everything they wish to be which may include, being intelligent, assertive, successful, funny, considerate, etc. They would paint an unrealistic picture of a perfect human being that may only exist virtually, yet you would believe them due to their conviction.

They do not feel emotions in the manner that others pursue. Thus their genuine acting of being nice and friendly often confuses people around them.

In Conclusion

Narcissistic behavior is often deceiving especially when they wish to get on the ideal side of society and be normal. Their charming personality, fake persona, and idealization allow them to impress people and keep them lured into different relationships switch them.

Such skills of mimicking emotions, feelings, and conduct often confuse people around them. People usually remain unaware of the toxicity and abuse that may come their way after they bond together with the narcissist.

Thus it is important to identify the narcissist around you and not fall for their charms just to have a chaos-free and realistic life. Because with a narcissist you may always be in their fake world where they are the dominators.

Ella Carrillo

Ella Carrillo

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