Best Punishments For A Narcissist (This Will Impact Him/Her)

What are some of the best Punishments for a Narcissist? When you are done with narcissistic manipulation and abuse and want them to acknowledge their own mistakes, that is when you feel to at least resort to some sort of punishment, get back at a narcissist, or give them a taste of their own medicine. This is when you seek out ways to punish them by retaliating.

It is absolutely natural to have the urge to punish a narcissist for what they have made you go through, all the suffering, toxicity, and manipulation. The only setback in punishing the narcissist is that they are frustrating to deal with first of all, may know that you are deceiving them, and might turn the tables on you. So let us acknowledge ourselves and get to know some of the best Punishments for a Narcissist and also know how impactful would these punishments be for them.

Narcissism is a personality disorder that makes individuals excessively preoccupied with their own well-being, at the expense of others. They may continuously abuse people around them by acting or being selfish, entitled, and even manipulative. They may not even hesitate once to play with other people’s feelings and emotions. For them, people or their partners are a mere source of getting their narcissistic supply, for the most part of the relationship, and the rest of the relationship is dependent on how the narcissistic is being treated.

For the most part of the relationship, it is always the narcissist, their needs, their desires, their goals, and everything that is either related to them or about them. The relationship completely feels one-sided as other people or their partners constantly keep on giving them what they want and in return get disappointment, hurt, abuse, and manipulation. The relationship with a narcissist just feels like only giving and not receiving much in return. Narcissists can abuse their partners to the extent that they do not feel the difference between what is abuse and what is reality or a life of their own.

If you have ever dealt with or dated a narcissist, you might be well aware of how harmful their behavior can be, how difficult it can be to deal with them, make them do what you want them to do, or how difficult it is to establish control over them. Dealing with a Narcissist becomes here by easy as this article is all about knowing some of the easy ways of getting a Narcissist to do what you want and some ways to punish them for their negative behavior. Maintaining and managing a relationship with someone with narcissism or someone who is extremely tough to handle becomes extremely difficult but not anymore.

What are some of the Best Punishments For A Narcissist? (This Will Impact Him/Her)

Together as a society, we have come to recognize that narcissism is a personality disorder that sometimes can have negative impacts on people and society as a whole. It is a natural instinct to find ways of dealing with narcissism in ourselves or others. But the good news is that there are a few effective punishments and measures that can help address their negative behavior and change their behavior.

Let us get to know some effective ways to punish a narcissist that may impact them positively, without causing any significant harm or trouble for you.

1. Reducing their power

Narcissists love to have control over situations and people, often feeling entitled to it. Reducing their power means taking away their sense of control over a few situations like not giving them the power to make decisions for you or the household or any sort of decisions that may also affect you, limiting their access to certain resources which may include monetary resources or something that may definitely influence to acknowledge the wrongdoings and be accountable for those, reducing their sense of superiority by making changes in the household without their consent.

These tactics can force them to become more collaborative and learn to respect other people’s wishes too.

2. Start saying “No” and start using denial as your defense mechanism – Be less available for them

“No” is the word that a narcissist cannot take. Do not fulfill any of their requests, or run no more errands for them. Be straightforward and do not hesitate to say a firm no. Saying no is very important for you to live peacefully. When you say no, it hurts their fragile ego, and they start to feel less important which messes with their head.

If they ask you to help them, you can clearly state that you would not help, or just utilize denial as your defense mechanism when they try to control or suck the positivity out of you. Denying them multiple times would ensure that they have lost control over you and that you no longer want to be their prey. As narcissists need total control, and when you deny it, this would stir a storm in their minds as losing control is the last thing they want.

Being less accessible to narcissists would certainly ensure that they have lost control over you, and this might lead them to realize their mistakes or wrongdoings.

3. Ignoring their toxic behavior

Confrontation about their mistakes may arouse their wrath and they might make a scene. They would be loud and volatile about being confronted for the same. So rather than confronting them, you may either choose to ignore or just side-track the topic or may even leave it altogether. Instead, think of a way that can be a win-win situation for both of you. That can be getting along with your Narcissistic partner or any family member and also managing to teach them a taste of their own nasty behavior.

4. Take away authority from them

Narcissists need constant validation, as they fear strong authoritative figures and they fear that such people might take away their powers and authority. Start being assertive about your ideas, take control of your interaction and ideas with the narcissist, maintain eye contact while talking to them as this helps to establish authority, speak boldly and firmly, and last but not least put your wishes not just as mere ideas but with unshaky voice and roaring confidence.

5. Enforcing consequences for bad behavior

Narcissists are known for their lack of empathy and inability to understand how their actions affect others. Enforcing consequences is a very effective punishment strategy because it compels the narcissist to acknowledge their mistakes, and reinforces a little discipline in the relationship. Establishing consequences that show them how their behavior affects other people helps them understand the impact of their actions and their accountability in any given circumstance or situation.

One important point to note here is ensuring that the punishments are sustainable and not severe enough to cause harm but sufficient to create a lasting and impactful effect on them.

6. Including competitiveness in your conduct

When you are in a relationship with a narcissist everything you do together may seem like a competition. They want to be better at everything than you. For instance, if you both have the same workplace and are colleagues, they would do anything to perform better than you and get a promotion. Or if you succeed more than them, they would be jealous and fight over you.

In healthy relationships, this would not be the case, both partners would be equal and there would be healthy competition. But when in a relationship with a narcissist, always expect unhealthy competition. So in this case, challenge them and perform better than them, and watch them realize that something has gone wrong or that you are upset with them regarding something. Competing with them and outperforming them is one of the most effective ways to punish a narcissist as they cannot bear losing especially not against their partner.

7. Encouraging them to seek professional help

Narcissists hate it when you force them to seek help or order them around to do something which is just opposite to their personality. In this case, it can be encouraging them to get coaching or professional help that may address their issues regarding their abusive nature and manipulative personality. Asking them to do so may seem like a punishment to them as they hate being told about what to do and what not along with pointing out their mistakes.

Narcissists lack empathy, and compassion, and fail to understand somebody else’s feelings. Encouraging them to situations that require compassion like doing community service, seeking professional health, or doing as you suggest might seem like a punishment to them as they cannot take orders or hate to follow someone else’s commands or suggestions. So when you want to teach them a lesson and provide them with punishment mention where they lack and ask them to seek professional help for that. This may make them understand that the world does not revolve around them and that other people’s feelings and emotions also matter.

Would there be any consequences after you decide to punish a narcissist?

It is essential to keep in mind that dealing with a narcissist is not easy as is and it requires a strategic and empathetic approach. Also, punishment alone may not be that effective in addressing the underlying issues. Seeking professional help from a therapist or any support group can provide assistance in developing appropriate coping mechanisms and communication skills for dealing with narcissistic behavior.

Also, do keep in mind that these consequences might differ as each individual is different. In some cases, there might be similar consequences, in some cases there may be extreme co sequences whereas in some cases there may not even be any consequences. Also, a narcissist’s reactions may sometimes be unpredictable. Thus the below-presented consequences are based on generic punishments keeping in mind an average narcissistic person.

Let us know a few possible consequences that you may have to face when you decide to punish the narcissist.

  • Narcissists may feel humiliated, insulted, or even threatened when punished. This may also encourage them to seek revenge on you or be ready for some counter-attack too.
  • Punishing a narcissist may trigger their sense of entitlement and grandiosity, leading to reactions like rage, retaliation, and resentment.
  • Might cost you your mental peace and narcissists may not even reflect on what they have done wrong.
  • This might lead to them taking an act of revenge on you for this, which can be ruinous for you.
  • Other consequences may also include permanent scars like distorted mental health or temporary breakdown.
  • Verbal abuse or manipulation
  • They may Gaslighting tactics instead of reflecting on their own fault
  • Unwilling projections from them
  • Rash reactions from them which might even hurt you

In some cases, the consequences of punishing a narcissist can be unpredictable, and it may also not succeed in changing their behavior or teaching them a lesson. Their attitude and traits might remain the same even if you try to penalize them.

You may also behave the same way as they do with you to teach them a lesson. Sometimes using their own game against them can be a little risky, as you do not know how would a narcissist react to your behavior and this can also result in some consequences if narcissists lose their cool. Narcissists are experts in taking revenge, so just be cautious while trying to punish them.

Though seeing them learn and also suffer a little may elevate your mental peace and can even bring a little joy, defeating them at their own game may also result in some changes that are favorable to you in rare cases. But expecting them to change can also be like your fantasy as narcissists do not change and your efforts to change might turn out to be a futile effort.


Narcissists can be really tough to deal with irrespective of the relationship you have with them. Be it a friend, a family member, a co-worker o even a life partner. But losing hope and patience might not help you. Working for the betterment of the narcissist with perseverance may help in enforcing effective punishment strategies and create a better life for both; the narcissist and you.

Also do not fail to acknowledge that the goal here is not punishing the narcissist, but rather ensuring that they learn self-awareness, and responsibility, and work for their betterment. So care, empathy, patience, understanding and perseverance may bring some good news for you or even help to heal them or at least take a step towards getting better. The chances of narcissists realizing their own mistakes and also working on them are slim but not zero.

Knowing more about narcissism would definitely teach you some ways to deal with your narcissistic partner without feeling victimized. Knowing more about Narcissism can help you understand your NPD individuals or anybody with NPD(Narcissistic Personality Disorder) better. This is the best and utmost way to cope with a narcissistic person. You can also know some amazing tricks and tactics to handle a narcissist in your life. This is the best way to teach the taste of their nasty behavior to them.

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